11 February 2012

Zum Geburtstag...

Yesterday was a certain someone's birthday. Everyone (except her) got up early to prepare. I bet you didn't know I can make balloon animals! Neither did I. Anyways, the dining room is all decked out, and Little Missie comes in with a sour face. Then she complains about every present (even the one I stayed up all night making). So we sent her off to school all grumpy.

Then I got to go into school with her parents to celebrate her birthday, and she was all smiles. It kind of reminds me of a certain someone whose middle initial is J. She just needed a while to warm up to all the changes to her daily routine...or something like that. The celebration in school was really cool! For one, they are allowed to light fires! They have special birthday candles, and they just sat there burning for half an hour, and no one cared until one started to fall over. In the U.S. we would be in big trouble. Then Little Missie's father read a book to the class. Everyone thought it was so cool that it was written in their home town. It was about a little hedgehog and a dog. Then they sang a song while lifting her up in her chair once for each year of her life. For the little cakes Oma made they sang Happy Birthday in Deutsch and Englisch. I think it's so funny how they pronounce it (all of them together): Heppy Bersdey. It's adorable.

We played some games after, and my new third grade friends begged me to play Blind Kuh (Blind Cow). It was fun!

The rest of the day was great, filled with friends and family. AND THREE CAKES!!! I've never seen so many cakes for one birthday child! Oma baked two fabulous cakes, and Little Missie and I baked the third. Obviously it was the best. I was not hungry for Abendbrot after that.

GrĂ¼sse aus Deutschland!



  1. I Want A Sister
    I want somebody in my life who knows everything about me. Somebody who will always be there for me, and who I can always be there for. I want a sister. I want a sister who I can trust with my life; a best friend who means the world to me. She will know me better than I know myself. I want a sister who is used to hearing, “I have something to tell you, but you have to promise not to tell mom,” and responds with, “Duh, you know I would never do that,” and throughout it all she means everything she says.
    I want a sister who I will always love, no matter what. I want a sister that I can never stay mad at. A sister who always puts up with me, even when I know if I was her I wouldn’t. I want a sister who will have my back and do everything in her power to make sure I’m happy. A sister who forgives me for everything I do wrong. A sister who knows to keep her distance on bad days, but a sister who will never shut me out and never stop caring for me. I want a sister who will go out of her way to make me smile. When I’m going through a hard time she will be by my side; she will always be the shoulder that I can lean on.
    I want a sister who will do my chores for me when she knows that I will get in trouble for not doing them, and then will let me pretend I did them. I want a sister who doesn’t keep track of “being even.” A sister who’s always willing to help, even when I don’t deserve it. I want a sister who appreciates every little thing that I do for her. A sister who makes me feel appreciated and loved. I want a person who promises last forever with. I want a sister who can put up with my criticism, and deal with my attitude. Even thought I never intentionally hurt her, when I do, she forgives me quickly.
    I want a sister who I can buy things for. When on her birthday there is no price limit for the present. A sister who will let me take her out for dinner and let me impulsively shop for her. I want a sister who I can lend money to, and not worry about getting it back.
    I want more than I deserve, and more than I should ask for. I really want what I already have, the best sister anyone could ever ask for.

  2. Oh Sissie! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

  3. Awkward...we spell Sissie differently. We should probably agree on one way.

  4. but there's actually less confusion if you each use your own spelling<3