06 February 2012

Die Kirche (dee Keer kuh...sort of)

It’s hard to type out the pronunciations in English, because I don’t know how to make the `I have a large ball of flegm in the back of my throat’ or the `hissing ocean waves` sounds. Thus the word Kirche is actually pronounced Keer `hissing ocean waves` uh, but I think I will just stick to the American accent pronunciations if that`s alright with everyone.

So, church was great…once I found it. For those of you who have never tried to travel anywhere in Germany, the roads can be quite confusing. The street signs are terrible, in fact sometimes they are non existent. And for those of you who are familiar with the wonderful Route 125 which merges and splits with 111 and 107 and 107A and 111A and I think a few others too, you know how well marked our exits and whatnot are. It’s wonderful! It is not so here. I had no problem with the train ride (aside from the outrageous price for my half-hour ride to and from church), but then things got tricky.

Mapquest is not my friend. It told me to start out going nort on Am Banhof. Okay. Good thing I always know which way north is. Not! (I told the boy scouts they should let me join, but they said no, so I blame them.) After walking at least two miles in both directions, I finally sat down in front of a big department store and called the church on my Handy (cell phone, and yes, it’s just like it sounds. It`s handy.) I got passed from a nice English speaking lady to the Bishop, who told me to go back to the train station and call again. So I did, and someone new answered, and I was passed along to his brother who speaks English.

Long story short, I was saved by a couple of slick looking guys in suits, and I finally got to church and hour and a half late, but sacrament meeting is at the end, so it’s all good.

I met a bunch of nice people, and a family who lives close enough to bring me to church! A nice couple offered to drive or walk me back to the train station. I chose to walk, just in case I ever have to take the train to church again. They were super cool, and have a daughter who was an Au Pair in Maryland. I also met the missionaries, one of whom speaks English. He told me he was from the states, so I asked where. He looked at me with raised eyebrows as if to say ‘is this a serious question’ and then replied ‘Utah.’

A lot of people spoke English with me, but I usually replied in German so they know I mean business with this language learning stuff. One lady, who spoke only German, giggled hysterically every time I said something. She is also the Relief Society president and is upset that even though I’m 18 I will be going to Young Womens. In my defense, I am going back to school soon.


  1. would love to go to a Mormon Church someday... just to get to know it :)

  2. You should! It rocks!I would invite you to come with me, but you sort of live on the other side of the country...Oh well.You should check it out anyways.

  3. The other side of the country?^^ It's only a 4 hour train ride :D hey, would you like to see Stuttgart and the south of Germany one day? I think it would be fun :) And you could bring the girls :)