26 February 2012


The people at church now start their conversations with me in German and only use English when I don't understand.

I asked for directions at a gas station because I am directionally challenged. I understood every word and made it safely home from church.

Everyone is amazed that I've only had two years of German. I always tell them it was not a normal school, but they are still impressed.


  1. Just finished reading through all your posts and feel caught up with all you have been doing. WOW! So proud of you. We miss you and can't wait to have you back. Have you attended the HS yet? Big Hugs.

  2.'re not a normal girl! Have you done any painting there? Don't want you to get out of practice. See anything that resembles an antique store? If so, what do they aell there?

  3. I did help the kids paint a mural on the windows...does that count?
    High school...not yet. There was a lot we had to work out first. Now I'm into the swing of things, and I will ask the neighbor boy about it. Antique stores, yes, but I haven't been inside one yet. Be assured it is on my to-do list. The problem is that my Au Pair friend is an indentured servant, so it's hard to find any time to do stuff with her. It's so sad. But I am making other friends too. I'm so good at that! I suppose my charming accent probably helps.