29 May 2012

Zum Schluss

It's almost time to go back to New England. I can't believe it. It's absolutely insane! I'm filling every moment with the things and the people I'm not ready to leave, so there's no time to write about it right now.

To my friends at home: I will see you soon.

To my friends in Germany: I will miss you so much, but I will see you again.

To my wide open future: Here I come!

18 May 2012

"I want to ride my bicycle" -Queen

The biking paths in Germany are ten thousand times better than the roads! They are also better marked. In case you didn't know, I love biking, so I am so grateful that I met someone short to lend me a bike. It's absolutely beautiful. No. It's handsome. I dig it, and it has amazing shocks!

The woods in Germany are full of awesome things!

Like a cave
 and a little stage with wooden characters. There was an explanation plaque, and it said that you can go there to practice for your big role in the cave (There is a giant cave-not the one above- where plays and concerts are held. It's epic, but extremely cold.) or just quaintly live out your passion for acting. Wie suss!

 You also run into the occasional American photographing herself while riding a bike...she's weird, but we like her anyways. I like to get my hands...and face...dirty! Riding through mud is fun. There was a lot more schmutz when I was done.
 There are also cool old farm houses!

And somewhere along the way I managed to find serenity, a piece of paradise amongst the demands that seem to come flying out of nowhere.

When in doubt, ride it out!


15 May 2012


Dirk barfs (brecht) here inside!

German automobiles tend to be ugly...The tractor trailer trucks remind me of pug dogs here. I'd have to say ours in the U.S... are slightly more manly looking...

Actually, I find that most of our cars are better looking. A lot of the cars have this hideous boxed, but rounded look to them. It's incredibly unattractive. But, a car is a car, and if it gets you places it's good.

I hope all is well!


13 May 2012

Vanilla Boat Crew

This week I went to a concert to see my friends play. There are seven people in the band, and six of them are siblings. It's pretty sick, and they're awesome!
They played in a circus tent! I took this picture before we decided to stand directly in front of them.
Anna (cello), Vanja (drums), Parosch (trumpet), Silas (guitar/vocals), Sebastian (guitar), Joy (bass)
Silas sings and plays guitar mostly, but he also plays everything else...except trumpet.
This is Anna. The fact that she took her shoes off makes me like her even more than I already did. You can really tell she loves music when she plays.
 Mosche plays keyboard like a boss!
Of course no evening would be complete without my favorite Dutch girl! I take her everywhere, and she totally amps up the fun. I LOVE HER!
And this guy. He's the one that helped me complete the song I wrote Sissie. He's mad good at guitar!

Basically, my life rocks and that's the way I like it.


07 May 2012

Deutschland ist mein Schatz

Here are a few reasons I love Germany. It's mostly unexplainable. I have no idea why I love it so much, but these things make it pretty dang awesome!

Dandelions are my favorite flower, and the color of Germany in spring is dandelion yellow...also canola yellow, but dandelion's nicer.

Canola (rape seed) field. There are so many, and it stinks that I took this on a cloudy day, because when the sun is shining, the whole field is flourescent yellow. From far away, you can't see any green, and it's just a bright patch of land. It's awesome.

This is not a reason I love Germany, but there's a funny story that goes with it. It's called brennessel. It means something that burns. When I went to pet the sheep, I couldn't explain why one of my feet was itching and stinging and burning. At the time I had somehow hurt it, and figured I must have done something to a nerve. Eventually the burning and redness went away. It wasn't until I stepped on one of these two weeks later that I finally realized it was the plant that did it. I asked my friend what it was called, because I remembered the field was full of them. It's rather unpleasant. So, if you ever go barefoot in Germany, watch out for the brennessel.

Random thought:

Ponies may be the most rediculous animal I've ever seen. It's like someone said "I want  a horse, but I want its body to be compressed horizontally and only slightly vertically. Yes, that's good. Now cut off its legs at the knees. Good...ah, yes make it walk funny too please." When he was asked what about the head? he said "No, don't do anythin with the head. Can it still walk with such a big head? Good, then leave it rediculously large. No, on second thought, squish it horizontally just a littel bit. Such a beautiful head doesn't go with the wacked-out body."


01 May 2012

Frankfurt Temple

On Saturday I got to go to the temple in Frankfurt! It was awesome, but a wee bit cramped. It's not like our temple in Boston.

We took a bus! It was packed!
 More of the Hagen YW

 The best flowers are at the temple!
Then we goofed off while we were waiting for the adults to finish up.
 This is the temple president's house. It's pretty aweseome.
 After sweating our tooshies off in the bus on the way back, we enjoyed the convertable. So far, Saturday has been the hottest day I've experienced in Germany. I think it was 86! But it felt WAY hotter.

 Lea's brother wrote our names in the schmutz on the patio before he cleaned it. He spelled mine wrong three times, but it was still sweet.

I think one of my favorite parts of the temple trip was helping to sort out the confusion between a girl from Utah and the temple matron. The girl didn't speak German and hadn't come with our group either, so she didn't want to wait for everyone to finish up. The temple matron wouldn't let her, so I asked her why, and we sorted everything out. It feels so good to finally be able to help someone out rather than being the one that needs help understanding.
Another thing that's cool about being in the temple in Germany is that I learned about being an Au Pair in the Boston temple,and had no idea I would ever be standing in the temple in Germany as an Au Pair. My life is amazing!


It's Official.

So, I know you've all been wondering when I'll be coming back, so I will tell you. I am coming back on June first as planned. Yes, I want to stay longer, but I'm not going to. Don't let that make you think I am done with Deutschland, because I am far from it. I'll be back! Deutschland ist mein Schatz (Germany is my sweetheart).

Now I only have one month left here, and I'm gonna fill it with as many awesome things as possible. I promised my amazing Sissie that she can pick me up from the airport all by herself, and we are going to have our first sister date in a long time! What a great way to come home! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!