21 February 2012

Short, like me!

Today I am grateful for Grammy T. She taught me how to sew, and now all of my pants are short, like me! Becuase I am such a klutz, one pair of newly hemmed pants has a beautiful, permanent, black streak on the leg. I made that fancy addition while I was making the nifty little book in the middle. It is a how to draw a horse book for one of the girl's birthdays. I find it interesting that I visited both hardware stores and a few other stores and I still couldn't find the rings I need to bind this book. Anyways, if anyone needs any pants hemmed, I am officially an expert at doing it by hand!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Here they can't say my name. They call me Kerin. Occasionally someone will accidentally say it correctly, but never more than once a day.

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