29 March 2012


Mein lieblings Tag!

Autobahn to church and then to friends!
 the Canal
Who even wears these things?


24 March 2012

The American in Me

Last night I went to the Young Single Adult dance for my church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Things are a bit different in Germany when it comes to dances. As one of my friends explained it, Germans like to ease into it. Very.....VERY slowly. So, this is what the dance looked like for the first hour (I appologize for the poor picture quality. I was having technological difficulties.):
Finally another girl came in and started throwing down some sick moves. Guess what? She's American too. And so is this guy:
 My mind totally got blown last night, because he is related to the first family I ever babysat for!
 We had such a great time at the dance, and we all felt like this at the end of the night. This is my wonderful Lea. She's so awesome!

I hope all is well at home!


P.S. Mormons ROCK!

21 March 2012


You know what that means?
 Barbies on the toilet! This was an interesting supprise when I stumbled into the bathroom at 6:00 this morning.

We also started spring cleaning.

I don't know if this will help anyone, but we've been removing spots from rugs with a method I've never heard of before. It works for most spots (even when they're super old), and it's practically free! Here's how it works:
1. Boil water. (In German we say cook the water.)
2. Pour a bit of the super duper hot water on the spot.
3. Scrub the heck out of it with a fingernail scrubbing brush until you can't see any more discoloration.
4. Soak up the excess water with a dry towel.
5. Wait for it to dry!

I hope you are all enjoying your spring time! It's supposed to be 81 degrees at home today! Here it's only supposed to be 57, but it still feels great.


P.S. It probably sounds like I never leave the house from the things I post, but this is not the case. It's just that I have so much fun doing other things that I forget I brought my camera along to take pictures of my friends. I will try to be better.

19 March 2012

Verteck (ver sh tek)

Versteck, also known as hide-and-go-seek is my favorite game of all time. This does not, however apply to my car key. After searching everywhere and wishing I had known I had no car key, I ran as fast as I could to Oma's house to meet one of the girls so I could take her to her dentist appointment. I made it exactly in time. I didn't tell her mother, because I didn't want to let her know that I had once again done something incredibly dumb (which wasn't the case, because I KNOW I hung it on the key rack when I got home). I did, however have to tell her when I couldn't get into the house without my key. She was not mad, and she believed it wasn't my fault. When the little princess got home, she loudly announced "I know where your key is!" Then she ran to the shoe cubboard and pulled it out of a boot. Oma asked "Did you hide her key?" The little angel gave a devious smile and nodded. Not cool!

17 March 2012

lecker Trecker

I came home from my run through the woods to the smell of this baby! The entire back trailer is full of Mist (manure). It drove over the whole field spreading dung. It is going to smell delicious for a few days. I named it the lecker Trecker (delicious tractor), because I think it's funny. People over here don't usually say "yummy" or "delicious" to disgusting things, but I do all the time. They think it's weird. P.S. This is the field directly next to our house...yay!


15 March 2012

Geniess die Sonne.

Today I helped set up the trampoline and pull out the yard furniture. Then Elke said. I'm leaving. Enjoy the sun. So what did I do?
 Needless to say before any of this began I took my shoes off. One of the girls immediately coppied me. Her mother said "You're not allowed to do that!" I thought I should probably put my shoes back on, because that's not fair, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.
 Then I hung around
 played the guitar,
 helped with experimental flight photos, played the trumpet, slept in the grass, and
I hope that your day was as awesome as mine, even if the sun wasn't shining where you are.


14 March 2012

Das ist doof gewesen.

This means "That was dumb." I have decided that instead of being embarassed by all the dumb things I do, I will let them entertain others.

     So here in Germany there is this lovely chemically treated milk that you can leave on the shelf for ages and then drink. Does this disturb anyone else? I devised a method of drinking it after I could no longer stand life without milk. Anyways, the other day I was sent to get ten liters of this vile drink. I took the extra two liters from the cardboard carton and put it in my cart. When I went to check out, I tried to lift it out of the cart, and the box rippe a little. No big deal I thought and adjusted my grip so I could continue. As soon as the case was clear of the shopping cart all of the glue holding it together decided to desintegrate (who knows how old it was), and all ten liters of milk crashed to the floor. Thankfully, not one of them broke open and the lady behind me was nice enough to get me a box to collected my chemically-altered, crumpled milk cartons in. I checked out and appoligized to the girl I had brought along. She found it a little embarassing. She assured me that we didn't have to tell her mother. I assured here there was no way she wouldn't notice that the corners or sides of every milk carton were smashed in, and we should always tell the truth. What did I learn from this? When I am legitimately surprised I accidentally speak in English. What did the Germans learn from this? Americans really are as crazy as they think.

     I have been dealing with a terrible sore throat the past few days, and it's really not cool to not sleep, so I've been keeping myself up late enough to be tired enough to sleep through the pain. Well last night I may have over done it with the staying up late, and it didn't help me sleep. I kept waking up with a terrible pain in my throat and wishing I had refilled my water bottle before bed. Finally I remembered there was a glass of water next to my bed. I had used it to rinse the paint brush from the Mod Podge I'd been using. I realized this was a bad idea, but after the fifth time I woke up, I decided to consider it. I obviously used my good decision making process (It's not as good when the brain is already sleep deprived...):
     It's not good to drink glue water. But there's not that much glue in it, and I'm pretty sure it's non-toxic. There's plenty of water in the kitchen and even right down the hall in the bathroom. But I am so tired and I don't want to move any more than I have to. Plus the lights will wake me up and it will be even harder to sleep. It'll probably taste disgusting. I'm basically asleep. I'm pretty sure my tastebuds aren't going to even notice. I haven't slept well in a few days. I need to stay in bed.
     The yays won  and I took a swig. This was a mistake. Not only could I taste the glue (there was significantly more than I had expected), but it burned and woke me right up. I ran to get the clean water.

     Because of the tiredness caused by my sore throat and glue drinking I later slammed my fingers in my bedroom door and fell asleep while our homemade pizza was cooking. It's been a pretty interesting few days, and I am sad to say between all this and relearning to drive a standard I am not giving Americans a very good name in this little town.

     I hope you get a chuckle out of this. I do when I think about it. it's not nice to laugh at people's misfortunes, but I give you permission.You'll be laughing with me. I hope you are all well!


12 March 2012


Doch (dock) is my favorite German word. There isn't any English word like it. Well, actually there are several, but they can't do everything doch can do with it's four letters. Zum Beispiel:
     If I say "That's not funny," and you disagree you would say "Yes it is."
     If I say "You can't do that," and you disagree you would say "Yes I can" or "can too," if you're super cool.
     You might also use a lot of other words. I had this conversation with my German friend, and told him you can also say "nu uh" and "ya haw" instead of saying "Nein, doch, nein, doch, nein, doch..." ... if you're five.
     Anyways, the point is that in German whenever you disagree with a negative statement, you can just say doch. I use it a lot when the children say that something they're doing (like repeatedly dragging their hand across a balloon to make a squeaking noise) is not obnoxious. I also use it when people say "But you don't speak much German, do you?" It's very useful.

GrĂ¼sse aus Deutschland!


08 March 2012


Who knows a super yummy, somewhat nutritious (or really nutritious if possible), grain-packed bread recipe I can make for the kids? I've got them craving homemade bread, but so far I've only made white bread, and that's totally not cool.

I also got them totally hooked on Erdnussbutter (Erd noos boo tur) a.k.a. America's favorite nutty spread (peanut butter for any cheeky Nutella fans)!!! It's amazing. Every day the two girls and I eat at least one roll with peanut butter and bananas, or apples, but mostly bananas. I think there's something extra in peanut butter...possibly something a wee bit illegal. It's just too good.


07 March 2012

Aubergine Lasagna

Today I made eggplant lasagna (for dinner not lunch!), and it did not tast right. I have never made a lasagna alone before, and I made  the mistake of not asking my mother exactly what she does to make hers the best lasagna on the planet. Schade.

A note to my American employer: Last night I helped sand and paint a bed. None of the mayhem that occurred was caused by me. Also, ALL of the paint I took out of the bucket ended up on the bed, not the ground, or even myself. I've still got it!

01 March 2012


Carrots: They are thick at one end and thin at the other.

Sometimes they have a leafy green top attached.

But in Germany...

leafy top, sometimes. Pointy end? No.

At first I thought they must grind off the end or something, but I asked, and they come from the ground this way. Odd. These ones a a bit less rounded than the ones we usually buy here.

Gruesse aus Deutschland!