20 February 2012

Things I find weird about Deutschland

 These are my undies hanging out to dry in the dining room.
 They find it strange that I ate two of these in under a week. I told them they should see how my sister eats it!
 This is some hymns playing on my iPod and now a computer so I can type my stuff and send it off.
 Gnoccis. They say it Kuh noh keys. They are like mushy pasta figures...they're not my favorite.
We had a wonderful buffet for dinner at Oma's birthday party. Then we had it again18 hours later. It did not go in the refrigerator in between. I asked if everything was still okay to eat (especially the meat) and they were super confused. Did something happen to it? they asked. They say it's okay to leave the food out, as long as it's only a day. I'm still not sure about this.

So, there are a lot of weird things about Germany. I don't yet have pictures of all of them, but I'll be sure to throw them in with other posts.


1 comment:

  1. TMV on the undies girl!That's too much Visual in case you were wondering. You are funny, but I am most amused that you put a picture of your undies up for the world to see.

    I will look for a good bread recipe as requested. Keep loving your life=D

    ~Love, Mumma