03 February 2012


We are all super bundled up today! And I don't want to run, but the sky is getting progressively less blue, so I should take pictures while the sun is still shining!

I got to meet the Spanish family yesterday! It is so funny hearing someone speak German with a Spanish accent (It's even harder to understand). They were a little bummed out when they heard that I speak even less Spanish than German, but we did speak a little Spanish. The youngest girl (only two) will not learn German until she is five, so she walks around all day laughing and smiling and not having a clue what anyone is saying. That's crazy! I speak as much Spanish to her as I can. It kind of makes me feel special that everyone else speaks German to her knowing she hasn't a clue what they're saying, and I can actually talk to her. It's so cute when they play little games and she says 'mano' when asking for someone's hand. The other kids are a bit confused.

German Food

Bread. Meat. Cheese.Sweet stuff.

 Breakfast: Bread with sweet stuff
Lunch: My favorite meal. It's like our dinner. Everyone comes home for lunch, and that's when we have a big meal. I have had a lot of great German cooking from Elke, Oma, and Ralph.
Abend Brot ( evening bread): Bread with not sweet stuff. This is when I get to try all kinds of cheese and meat and things that make me miss my wrestling diet.

It may not seem like it from the little meal summary I gave, but when bread is all you eat for two meals a day, you eat a lot of bread!!! The other day I noticed the fruit bowl, and I've been having a lot more fruit and a lot less bread. It seems like they don't normally eat fruits and vegetables as snacks or meals here. Vegetables are sometimes baked into lunch (always if you count potatoes as a vegetable), but other than that I don't see much of them unless they are covered in a sauce of some sort. I went to a play date, and all the mommies giggled when I so enthusiasticly accepted a clementine over more cake (which was by the way very delicious), but I don't care. Ich bin ein Obstmädchen!

 Upon my arrival in Deutschland (after finding the family) I finally realized the benfits of my odd choice of e-mail address (aside from the fact that it's easy for people to remember). We went to get sandwiches for lunch, and they were already made and on display. Elke had them make me a new sandwich without mayonnaise!

I hope everyone is well in the U.S. of A.


P.S. It's 10:15 here, and you are all still in bed (I hope. I just talked with a friend on facebook, and she was doing homework. Tisk tisk.)! 


  1. Blogs are boring without pictures.

  2. I agree. She should do something about this.

  3. I'm working on it. I think I have devised a method. Thank goodness I brought my ever handy thumb drive!

  4. So, you're resorted to publicly talking to yourself?
    That's cute.
    I am thinking that if you were posting anything on facebook, other people might respond because they'd be more likely to see it there, but your blog is much nicer.

    We did know you'd hate the diet...
    So I am just wondering if Elke would be open to you sharing some fresh vegetables (without sauces or dips) with the kids. It all might be a matter of cost. Fresh produce costs more.
    It still cracks me up that Katharina thought that green beans were poisonous if eaten raw! lol
    On the bright side, all of the Germans that we know are in-shape and very healthy, so maybe it's not so bad to consume mostly bread.

    Eternally loving you,