15 March 2012

Geniess die Sonne.

Today I helped set up the trampoline and pull out the yard furniture. Then Elke said. I'm leaving. Enjoy the sun. So what did I do?
 Needless to say before any of this began I took my shoes off. One of the girls immediately coppied me. Her mother said "You're not allowed to do that!" I thought I should probably put my shoes back on, because that's not fair, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.
 Then I hung around
 played the guitar,
 helped with experimental flight photos, played the trumpet, slept in the grass, and
I hope that your day was as awesome as mine, even if the sun wasn't shining where you are.


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  1. Karynne,

    I've been meaning to say hi for weeks now. I'm just jam packed with stuff to do. House cleaning takes forever and really is NEVER done. I do not know how working women do it all. Tarren and I have really enjoyed reading your posts thus far. I'm so glad you have this opportunity to be in Germany. I can totally identify with the issue you have with the shelf life of a carton of milk. that kinda blew my mind. we do have it in america it just is not popular. I struggled with the taste and the fact that it is always served at room temp. The food that never gets into the fridge rang a bell for me too. that does not bother me at all anymore. Americans are spoiled and wasteful beyond belief. ...and i'm one of them. The thing about the food is that, where I was, It got eaten at the very next meal and rarely ever wasted. it was covered with a towel and put in a cool dry spot. Then eaten a few hours later. your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for posting your adventures. Daniel was nominated for the vocational honor society. Tarren is applying to whittier for the fall bcs Essex agie did not accept her. They ran out of room. UNBELIEVABLE! They must have the most elite group ever! Tarren's transcript is flawless.Jake is grounded! no explanation necessary. See ya soon.I love you! ~~Auntie Jen