24 March 2012

The American in Me

Last night I went to the Young Single Adult dance for my church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Things are a bit different in Germany when it comes to dances. As one of my friends explained it, Germans like to ease into it. Very.....VERY slowly. So, this is what the dance looked like for the first hour (I appologize for the poor picture quality. I was having technological difficulties.):
Finally another girl came in and started throwing down some sick moves. Guess what? She's American too. And so is this guy:
 My mind totally got blown last night, because he is related to the first family I ever babysat for!
 We had such a great time at the dance, and we all felt like this at the end of the night. This is my wonderful Lea. She's so awesome!

I hope all is well at home!


P.S. Mormons ROCK!

1 comment:

  1. What's so different....the boys are standing/sitting around and the girls are dancing. Must be a Mormon thing.
    And were you speaking the forbidden tongue??!!