12 March 2012


Doch (dock) is my favorite German word. There isn't any English word like it. Well, actually there are several, but they can't do everything doch can do with it's four letters. Zum Beispiel:
     If I say "That's not funny," and you disagree you would say "Yes it is."
     If I say "You can't do that," and you disagree you would say "Yes I can" or "can too," if you're super cool.
     You might also use a lot of other words. I had this conversation with my German friend, and told him you can also say "nu uh" and "ya haw" instead of saying "Nein, doch, nein, doch, nein, doch..." ... if you're five.
     Anyways, the point is that in German whenever you disagree with a negative statement, you can just say doch. I use it a lot when the children say that something they're doing (like repeatedly dragging their hand across a balloon to make a squeaking noise) is not obnoxious. I also use it when people say "But you don't speak much German, do you?" It's very useful.

GrĂ¼sse aus Deutschland!


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