07 March 2012

Aubergine Lasagna

Today I made eggplant lasagna (for dinner not lunch!), and it did not tast right. I have never made a lasagna alone before, and I made  the mistake of not asking my mother exactly what she does to make hers the best lasagna on the planet. Schade.

A note to my American employer: Last night I helped sand and paint a bed. None of the mayhem that occurred was caused by me. Also, ALL of the paint I took out of the bucket ended up on the bed, not the ground, or even myself. I've still got it!


  1. Your American EmployerMarch 7, 2012 at 2:56 PM

    1. leave the eggplant out!
    2. I hope "shade" is not a bad word
    3. wow! you can do it in Germany, can you do it here?

  2. 1. Next time I definitely will. The recipe I used said to fry it, and I could taste the oil. I hate frying stuff.

    2. Who the heck do you think I am? Of course it's not a bad word. It means bummer. I've even got my friends cleaning up their language for me!

    3. It's doubtful that I would be able to do it there as well. I think it was a one time deal, plus I was nicely dressed. I didn't intend to paint, but the work had to get done before we could move onto playing guitar, singing, and learning German.

  3. Yeah, leave out the eggplant...and put MEAT in it! ...and plenty of garlic, onions and peppers.