30 December 2014


     I got transferred today! You can tell the Lamberts that now I am in Bertioga! All four sisters from Bertioga were transferred. We showed up today and as we descended from the bus, it started to rain. We laughed and started to lug our suitcases in the direction of our new house. What a joke! Soon we had an elderly woman, her granddaughter and two men helping us. That was a big difference from Santos. When I got there, I carried all of my stuff....completely alone...past a huge group of men and they all watched me as I struggled and sweat streamed down my face, but I got a great workout! Anyways, it seems like the people are much friendlier here. We all got absolutely SOAKED! Including all of our stuff, but that´s okay. WE´re missionaries and that means we can handle anything. Sister Vergara got the address of the woman and her granddaughter, but the two men were from São Paulo. They reminded me of Mike and Spatty. Needless to say, getting to our house made a big messy scene. Sister Vergara´s suitcase is pretty much useless now...but it was already on the way out. But we had a great time! 
      When we got to the house, we discovered that one of the companionships that was serving in Bertioga had been working hard and the other hardly working. It was sad to see, because this is a huge area and there are so many people waiting to hear the word of God. Well, don´t worry, because we've got 4 hard workers now. WATCH OUT BERTIOGA! HERE WE COME!

      It was sad to know that I won´t see the baptism of Durvalino (one of my English students) and Loretta (his wife), but I know that Sister Ermácora will take good care of them. It was the coolest thing. When we invited them to be baptized, they said "Absolutely! Thank you so much for the invitation. We´re so honored." We left thinking maybe they hadn't totally understood. Of course they understood! That´s how they should react. They are such an amazing couple! They already study the scriptures together every day! LIke, that started way before we met them and they devour (carefully study) everything we give them. It´s so amazing to pause and see how Heavenly Father blessed us  and them for all the stress and hard work of English class. They will be the 2nd and 3rd baptism from our English class! We are inviting their classmates to the baptism too! There were a LOT of difficulties in Embaré, but with all of these, we also received many blessings.
     Wow! Okay, there is so much to tell, but I have to go soon. Our p day is going to be new years day, but they let us email for an hour today. The LAN house won´t be open on 1. Jan. so you´ll have to wait for the next week to hear more about Bertioga. My companion is Sister Dominguinhos! She seems cool!
     Side note:  I think new years resolutions are dumb, because you should change what you need to when you realize that it´s wrong. But, now is as good a time as any to do an evaluation of the things that you had hoped would happen this year and see what you need to work on next year.

I love you!

Your LIttle Missionary!

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