15 December 2014

In the mission, you can do all impossible things

My English Class came to the Pageant! Paulo, Oscar, Maura, Sister Ermácora, Me 
Dearest Friends and Family,

     In the mission, you can do all impossible things, like read the Book of Mormon in 30 days in Portuguese and memorize the Living Portuguese...and finish Sister Cabral´s studies before Christmas....okay, well the third one is still just a thought, a worthy goal, but um.....there are 11 of them left and Christmas is in 10 days. I think I will do it before the new year...

Marina! A recent convert from my last area...who walked
to the Christmas Pageant in my new area!
     So let me tell you about the Christmas...Pageant? in our ward!!! It was so amazing!!!!!!! There were so many people! There were a lot from our ward, but they brought their friends and family members. There were so many that, after spending the whole time afterwards talking with people who came to see the pageant who weren't members, we still had a few members come up asking where we had been, because they wanted their family to meet us! Well, it´s sad that we didn´t get to meet them, but there were so many people to talk to. SO MANY PEOPLE! Four of my English students came, at least two of Elder Stokes´, Marina, a recent convert from Ponta da Praia WALKED there! (it´s kind of far, but she´s just the most amazing 78 year old woman I know) 

Results of the Christmas presentation in Embaré
...these are names of the people who asked us to
bring them church material!
Funny story. I broke a glass in the church and cleaned it up like an hour and a half before we were going to perform, but exactly when I stood up to go to the pulpit, a piece of glass started stabbing me in the foot. I dealt with it, but took my shoe off when I got up onto the stage. Only the choir could see, but they must have thought me quite strange when I went to sing my solo with only one shoe.

      We are going to visit the people that came to the Christmas presentation today and we are so pumped! 
Have you shared the gift yet?

Still at it. What did I break this time? It was a
mug. I was washing it and it just flew out of
my hand...onto the stone counter top.....!!!
I think I should let others wash the glasses.
...and I might buy myself a plastic cup.
    I discovered last week that I have been overpaying my tithing my whole life. Apparently you only have to pay it on income. I thought it was any increase, including gifts, but I've been informed that that is not the case. Oh well. Maybe that´s why I've been so incredibly blessed financially. Who knows. 
     There are too many things to think about this week! So much to do! I am learning how to really dive into the scriptures! It´s so amazing. I studied 2 Nephi 9:1 for like 2 hours today. It was a little extreme, and I will have to study the rest of the chapter much faster, but it is amazing to see what is in just one verse of scripture! 

We are going to work our butts off this week, because last week we were so busy with the preparations for the Christmas presentation. Are you still reading this? Wake up! It´s over. Sorry for the suffering. Just kidding.  

 Your Little Missionary.

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