24 December 2014

Merry Christmas! ...wanna know what drives me crazy?

Wanna know what drives me crazy? I can sing my solo perfectly and strong and it´s really the bathroom or one of the classrooms when I´m warming up, but when I walk up to the pulpit, it comes out so weak. It´s so sad, because I´m trying my heart out! But it just isn't working!
Our Little Piggy

Okay. Now I will tell you about the amazingness that is happening here, starting with our new little missionary! Sister Paige arrived Tuesday. President Cabral called and asked if she could stay with us until the transfer. We're still waiting for the transfer, but it can wait as long as they want, because Sister Paige is so flipping awesome! We love her. I´m not sure why Sister Ermácora calls her Piggy. I don´t know, but she's so great. She´s not afraid of anything. We practice before we teach, but sometimes we don´t have time, but she always teaches and it's so surprising how much she understands! I think she´s very good for Sister Ermácora and me. We needed some kind of change. Also, finally I can run again! I was telling Sister Paige that when I say "second mile" we have to run our brains out until we get home. She understood "We´re in the second mile. Now we have to run our brains out until we get home." It's the biggest second mile I've ever run. She rocks and doesn't complain. I could keep her, but that's not my decision.

English Class choir. There were at least twice as many,
but these are the die hards.
      This Sunday our English classes sang in sacrament meeting. Only nine of the students showed up, but they were all very well dressed and they were all very impressed with themselves and I was very impressed with them. Everyone in the ward was very impressed too. There were a million reasons that it could have gong horribly wrong, but in the end it went very well!
      We have a new investigator, Esther! She is amazing! She has so many profound questions and is really searching! She said when her son was younger, he visited the Mormon church and she was so worried about him. She said "but this is what I believe." 
One of the members has this beautiful manikin in
her house. Her son (18) puts his arms in the sleeves
and runs around the house talking to people.
     I will send pictures of Christmas eve and Day with the Cabrals. I have to go!
Finally a running buddy! What a powerhouse!


Sharing the Gift.
Love, Your Little Missionary

The sweet benefits of being a teacher! Maura loves me!
Liv makes ornaments with messages inside every year
for CHristmas. She writes about Christ.
Her kids can only read them after she´s dead.
HOW COOL! I´m totoally gonna do this for my kidsl.

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