10 December 2014

A little crazy, like me. But you love me anyway!

Hi! I love you! You are amazing! 
On the bus to the musical fireside in Bertioga.
This email is a little crazy, like me. 
Sorry. But you love me anyways!

      We had a really cool experience this week at the musical fireside in Bertioga! An orchestra! The local orchestra played the prelude in place of what we usually do as an introduction. It was sooooooo cool! I was so happy that there was a trumpet! I wanted to ask him if I could play it afterwards, but I don´t know if that´s weird in Brazil. Also, we literally had to run out the door to catch the bus after the show and I don´t think President Cabral would have approved...but I could be wrong.... 

    Has it snowed yet? It´s getting pretty hot here. On the first hot day I kinda died. I had no energy. Everyone was like "Are you okay??" and I said "I will be. This first day´s just kind of like a punch in the face." Then it rained,so I haven´t gotten used to it yet. Oh well. I´m not gonna complain about that.

     I wanted to correct something about the reverence project. The children are not the problem. As far as the children are concerned, I've never been in a ward that was more reverent. In most of the other wards, the children do laps around the pews and pulpit. The children here are very reverent. I like the idea of giving the card to everyone while the children sing the song. Maybe the bishop will accept that. This week, the relief society president gave the lesson and it was on reverence. We discussed how it can help us to feel the Spirit and how we need to first be worthy of the Spirit if we are ever going to be worthy to be in the presence of Jesus Christ. Some worried moms talked about their difficulties in just getting their children to church and everyone agreed that they do have a hard job and that it´s okay if they´re not always totally silent. I think maybe they´d just forgotten why it´s so important to be reverent. In the sacrament meeting that followed, almost everyone was quiet. It was so nice to see that really when you teach what is correct with love, those who are trying to follow Christ change to do what He has asked.
our little hotel

     I hope you are having a very Merry Christmas! I can´t believe it´s already December 8. I have to finish memorizing the Living Christ in seventeen days! Did you accept that challenge? It´s a bummer I won´t know it in English, but at least I will know what it says! I´m excited! I hate memorizing, but this is okay, because it´s so powerful. Pure testimony! 

      There is a song in the fireside that says " I know He lives, my savior and king. I know that He lives. I will sing with jubilee. Because He lives, I too will live again. He lives, my Savior and King." 
I know that Jesus Christ lives and that everything He did, He did for us. His love is infinite and when we learn to be like Him and to love Him, we will be more complete, happier.


Your Little Missionary!

Love this one!

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