19 January 2015

Hiking Adventure!

I had a little adventure this week. We went to visit an investigator who lives in a hikers lodge. He owns it and the people pay to stay there. So, to get to his house, you have to take a ferry and a steep trail. I quite enjoyed walking through the brazilian wilderness. It´s a shame I didn´t have my camera. We can´t use them when proselyting... Oh well. I will remember it anyways. Josias is very cool. He´s an old man, but he booked it up and down that trail to get us and show us where he lives. Very cool. 

We finally got to teach Eduardo and Cintia this week! We met Eduardo in a torrential downpour. He was cleaning the sidewalk in front of his house. He wanted to save water (pretty much everyone washes the sidewalk here. It´s very interesting.). They have a macaw ...and six cats and three dogs and about thirty fish....but they´re very cool and they loved the message, so we are excited to teach them again today. We don´t have a lot of people that are very firm. Sometimes it´s hard to meet with people, because they depend on the bus, which can be very unpredictable. 

This week in church I was so sad, because I saw  lot of faked love. A group of leaders was sitting there with a smile on their faces, including the grandmother of a young woman who was sitting in the front row crying because she had a really bad ear ache. No one went to hug her. Everyone just sat there smiling as if nothing was wrong in the world. I went and sat next to her and put my arm around her, but all she really wanted was for her grandmother to sit next to her. Her grandmother repeatedly refused to sit next to her and the techer got a little mad at this girl.Her grandmother wouldn't sit with her, because she´s in the presidency and is supposed to sit in a special place or something ridiculous like that. This made me so sad. It´s way more important to let the little girl know that she´s not alone. So I had to give a talk and it wasn´t supposed to be one love, but the Spirit told me that that had to change, so I talked about the love that Christ has for each one of us and how we can sometimes get distracted by time constraints or our desire to uphold our appearance. I hope they felt the Spirit.

Today a miracle happened. I don´t want you to worry. I know you won´t, because you know that Heavenly Father is protecting us here. 
     We have to take the bus a lot,because our area is there isn´t  a lot of money for anything else...and we are almost out of food. I was looking at the money I had left over from the week. We didn´t buy anything that wasn´t necessary. We didn´t buy hardly anything. We just took the lunch... to visit our go to zone meeting... you can´t get to a lot of places efficiently by foot. So, I subtracted the 32 reis that my companion and I would need to go to the zone meeting... and there was hardly anything left over. I thought about what was most necessary and what would last the longest. I know that all of the other sisters have even less money than I do. I thought...we need a miracle or we´re all gonna get really skinny this week. I was getting ready to leave still thinking about this when Sister Castillo said with surprise "Sister, the woman who gave us money for Wednesday´s lunch gave us 100 reis." I knew that very moment that Heavenly Father had heard and answered our silent prayers. We got on our knees to thank Him and ask His help to let us know how best to use this money. I know He is always watching over us and that we can never lose hope. He will come to our rescue. He will strengthen and nourish and comfort. He loves us so much. I love being a missionary. It is my favorite thing to do! I hope everyone has this opportunity someday. Mumma, if you don´t get married, go on a mission. And if you get married, go on a mission. You will love it, becasue you have such a huge love for God´s children and His gospel. I love you so much.

I had more things to say, but I forgot them. Next week I will try to write them down so I won´t forget, but I think this email has been sufficienty long. 
OH! Look up the mutual theme for 2015! 
Embark in the Service of God!
Serve with all your might! 

Love, Your Little Missionary

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