09 March 2015

We are having SO Much Fun!

It rained so much and there were rainbows everywhere.
This one has another rainbow over it,
but you can´t see it in the picture.
March 2nd
     This week has been so crazy! We went home for ten hours! It was so funny! We planned it all out and we would be able to help the sisters in Bertioga for a day or two, because there were going to be zone conferences that interfered with the exchanges. We were so desperate to get to the bus station on time we decided to take a taxi! We really wanted to make it home Monday night instead of Tuesday morning. So we made it just in time and took the bus home. We bought a ton of fruit to eat with the pancakes and real maple syrup that I received in my box from home! We bought a ton of food! Then we got home just a little before nine to make pancakes and surprise the sisters. We waited...and waited...and waited. At 9:30 we heard frantic running and laughter and the sisters burst in the door. They were so happy to see all the food and started telling us about all the amazing things that have been happening. They are out of money and have to walk all over the place, but they are bringing people back to church and the members are helping and people are excited to be baptised and it seems like a missionary´s heaven on earth. It was so great. So, we planned out how we would help them do all the visits tey needed to the next day! Wahooooo! Working in our own area! It was gonna be so cool! Then the phone rang and Sister Byrne excitedly told President Cabral that we were in Bertioga. He laughed a little nervous laugh and asked "Oh, really?" Then he said "I need you to be in front of the office (where we had just left) at 7 am tomorrow morning, because you are coming with me to all of the zone conferences." I didn´t hear the phone call, but I knew just what was happening from the look on Sister Byrne´s face. So, we slept in our own beds...for 4 hours and repacked much more light and went back to Santos. We are having so much fun. I am so blessed to have Sister Byrne as my companion, because she´s so calm and doesn´t whine. We are just laughing at all the situations we get ourselves into, because life is so fun!
We made sandwiches in the
bus station.
Life as usual.
     We got to see all but one zone conference, because President Cabral wants us to know exactly what we have to teach the sisters. We are currently on a beautiful island, the name of which is "Beautiful Island." There are 365 waterfalls here and my companion was bitten by a borrachudo. We had a great trip to the hospital in which we got the address of the receptionist and the doctor! The Lord works in mysterious ways!
     I got to see Durvalino, Loretta, and Luiz, recent converts from Santos. Also! My English class is being taught by members of the church! The missionaries just stop by to help out at the end! What?!?! YES!!!! I went on exchanges with my trainer! Everyone is so excited! We made sandwiches in the bus station and talked with lots of strangers and I READ IN THE BUS!!!

I think I already said this about five times, but we are having so much fun!

Life is meant to be enjoyed. I am learning so much and rereading the Book of Mormon again. This time I am reading with my focus on the prophets, because they talked a lot about sustaining prophets and having a testimony of the prophets in the last conference. Every time I read the Book of Mormon in blows my mind. It is so amazing. My understanding is expanded every time I read. I love it and I know it´s true!

I love you!

Your Little Missionary

p.s. I am working my new shoes off! I got one package with L.L. Bean mary Janes, pancake mix, maple syrup and brownie mix! It had already been opened, but at least I got it! Thank you so much! The shoes are so comfortable! and our fellow Bertioga sisters went crazy about the maple syrup. I told them they can use it while I`m gone and Sister Vergara was soooooooo happy! She was like "Oh, but your mom sent it, I don´t want to ...." and I said "Sister, there is a lot of maple syrup where i come from. I asked for it with you in mind." Then she got all happy and accepted it.
(Heather here- Of the 3 packages that were sent from home, Karynne finally received 1 which had been opened and contained only a few items, but they were from 2 different packages...? So I'm giving up on the others because they have obviously been opened and kept.)

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