24 March 2015

Doing some serious repenting.

March 23rd, 2015

I have like no time to talk today, but Sister Byrne and I got to assist two meetings with Elder Aidukaitis, Brazil area 70 and were burned to a crisp. We thought we were being the best missionaries we knew how to be, but it turns out we (at least I) were being too shy. So, we have done some serious repenting and we are doing contacts with the whole bus at once and then asking who is interested. (Editor here, Things are different in Brazil. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't go over as well on a bus in...say...Boston.) The people are surprisingly receptive of us taking shouting our messages in public. WE are deffinitely going to do more of this. I wish I´d under stood earlier how to be a great missionary. I´m not saying that I was bad, but I wasn't the best I could be. That's what burned the most. But you can be sure that I will take advantage of every second I have left. I love you so much!

Your Little Missionary

P.S. WE are back in BERTIOGA!!!!!!!!!! TO stay! WE have worked here one day and already have a bunch of people to teach! I love the Lord´s work in the Lord´s way!

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