05 April 2015

I'm so glad the Lord helps us to understand when we just don't get it.

I want to tell you about Ulisses and Bianca! They are so cool! We met Ulisses and he thinks he´s still dating Bianca, his Baby Mama, but she´s so over him... long story short we are teaching them seperately and they are progressing so much! Ulisses was baptised Catholic but received the coolest answer to his prayer when he prayed to ask if this is the true church! SO, he´s really excited to be baptised and he went around meeting people and inviting them to his baptism when he went to church. Everyone thought he was a member visiting. Bianca is going to be baptised too, but might take a little longer, but she is reading the Book of Mormon and totally loves it! Also, when she came to church, two of the members were like "How did you find her? I know her!" And everyone is os excited. Helena is their baby and she´s so cute! You´ll for sure meet them when you come. I think they speak a little English...
      We are teaching a lot of other people who the Lord totally put in our path and it´s so amazing. After Elder Aidukaits´ visit to our mission, I feel much more like I´m doing this mission thing right. I´m so glad the Lord helps us to understand when we just don´t get it. He´s so good!
      Tomorrow we have Easter conference wtih the misison and this weekend is General CONFERENCE! It´s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, one of htem at least! I am SO EXCITED! It´s going t be so amazing! I love the prophet! and all of the Lord´s servants! I have to go! But on´t miss any of conference! 


Your Little Missionary

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