05 February 2015

Who would have thought Karynne would ever Pray for SHOES!

January 26th

So, we got the early slot in the LANhouse today, because I have to bring Sister Dominguinhos to Santos and get my new companion SISTER BYRNE!!! You have no idea how excited I am! I am sad that Sister Dominguinhos is leaving, but ever since the MTC it has been my dream to have Sister Byrne as a companion. There´s just one thing...We´re sister training leaders together...and now there are only two in the! Woah. That´s a lot of responsibility. We are going to have to start our work right here in our apartment, because the other sisters are having a hard time, but I know that Heavenly Father will help us to help them.

     We had a great experience last night when we went to visit one of our ward missionaries. I felt that I should tell her about the Meetings of Zion that we are planning. We don´t have anything planned yet for the one about temples and her eyes got all wide and she was so excited and talked about all the people she wants to bring to the temple and the wonderful miracles that she has seen because she goes to the temple. She goes three times a month which is almost unheard of here. She is a great example and we´re very excited to work with her. She is so excited!

Side-note: Elke said "If you come between June and July, we will be in Maorca, Spaine, but we´ll take you with us. Just let us know so I can book your flight." These things just don´t happen with normal people. My life is ridiculous. :D

Sorry its´so short again. I have to bring Sister D. to Santos and pick up Sister B. I´ve got to fly like the wind!


 Your LIttle Missionary

-------- One Week Later -------------

February 2, 2015

So, I don´t have much time to email, because I`m touring the mission. It´s not what STLs generally do, but President Cabral asked us to spend one day with each of the 20 companionships in the mission. So, I`m in Registro. It´s the most southern area of the mission and we´ll be working our way up to the north through the month of February. Yes, they all have to be visited in February. We left home this morning and will return on February 28th if everything goes well. "Got my whole life in a suitcase. Never really stayed in one place." Sissie will know this song. Haha. But I´m excited. It´s a new adventure. Pray for us to have strength. We´re gonna need it! I love you so much!

No new news on the package :( Haven´t gotten it yet, but Elder Maughn in the office is working on it. I love the office elders. They´ll do anything for you. But I`m praying it´s one with shoes! haha. I think I will have to buy a real cheap pair to last until I get the package. Got packages from the Alves, the Capeners and Grammy Arthur. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF THEM!!!! And you too. I am so grateful for all of your running about and package sending on my behalf. You are the best mom in the world. "Anyone who says otherwise is selling something."

I have got to figure out if I will have some time & how to register for BYU. Stinks to have to work this out on the mission. Don´t have a clue what I am going to do.... Totally taking some deep doctrine classes! And German...obviously!

Wow. I don´t even know what to tell you in the time that´s left! LIES!

We went to a lesson with a ward missionary, Francisca! She called saying that she couldn't because it was raining. Then Sister Byrne and I felt that if we just showed up, she´d come. We arrived in her doorway and she said "Alright let´s go!" Apparently she was afraid of the lightning, which had stopped and she felt bad after having called. So we went and there was a torrential downpour, but we laughed so much! It was so great!  She loved teaching with us and encouraged our investigator to pray to find her answer. On the way back we battled a  river which at one point in time (2 hours earlier) had been a street. Francisca´s flip flop started floating away and she had to chase after it. We got to her house sopping wet and elated! It was such a great experience. She couldn't go teaching the next day, because she had a wretched sore throat, but she didn´t regret it one bit! President Cabral taught about how we can work better with the members of the ward just this Thursday and it was great to see how quickly we could put this into action with the help of our wonderful members.
     Now the other Bertioga Sisters have to teach everyone in Bertioga this month and put on our activity all by themselves, but they have a whole branch of missionaries to help them out! I hope we can all find opportunities to be member missionaries! I LOVE YOU! The more I think about how I was as a member missionary before the mission, the more I realize that I had the best example! YOU!

Your Little Missionary

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