11 February 2015

I could have been more hospitable

The divisions are going well. An ex STL told me that there are so many sisters that hate the STLs and there are so many trouble makers, but so far so good. We are loving getting to know the sisters and helping them to better the work in their area... I don´t know who is learning more: them or me. I have gotten some great new ideas from the sisters with whom I am teaching! It´s very cool to travel with Sister Byrne, but we are excited to be able to find teach and baptize together after all of the divisions. I think she is starting to get tired... at least we have been very well received by the sisters! I wish I had realized what a big sacrifice it is for the STLs when they visited me. I wasn't horrible, but I could have been more hospitable... But I am loving the experience. 

Elder Clark, the choir director, is ticked off that we´re not in the musical presentation...what are we supposed to do? He thinks we should go to Santos for the practices. I just thought he was ridiculous to ask us to travel even more than we have to, but now I kind of feel bad. I don´t know. 

Right now I`m going to try to register for classes or at least write down the classes I want to take so you can register for them. Housing with Dakotah and Emily Sounds great! I hope that works out!!! 

I´M DYING! I´m looking at what classes to take... Life is so hard! Haha. I will get through, but I have to ask if I can stay on the internet more time to be able to pick out all my classes....
I don´t really know what to do about all this from here... I just want to think about the mission and the people here, because I have less than 3 months left. But I really am doing my best to help. I´m sorry this must be a major pain.


(Karynne didn't send pics this week and there's nothing new on the "Missao Brasil Santos" FB page either...)
President Cabral

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