17 February 2015

I need to talk to you NOW!

Bertioga to Miracatú!

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Day one of the great adventure with Sister Byrne
President Cabral has now told us that we need to train all the sisters to be perfect gospel teachers. Sister Cabral said we don´t have to worry that we are inadequate. Obviously we´re not perfect. We just have to say "Watch me!" and pray that the Lord will fill our minds and our hearts so we can then say "Now it's your turn."

(Heather here, Karynne was allowed to chat back and forth this week (I miss that so much!) so we could figure out some of the details of visiting and when she would RETURN HOME!)

Mom: Where do you want to go while I'm there? What do you want that week to be about? Is it seeing things you couldn't see or saying goodbye? or...?
Karynne: So, I wanted to see the people I taught and also see the things I didn´t get to see. 
Parque de Bandeiras, 
Bertioga visiting, 
Bertioga sight seeing/hiking 
and then maybe we could spend another day in Bertioga. It´s soooo BEAUTIFUL! You will love it! I love it. There is a woman in Bertioga who offered her house for us to stay a little. She is so fun ! 
and any other cool thing that we might want to see. Also, I know that one of the world's biggest water falls is in Brazil. I think Maura would help you see what´s best to see. I don´t actually know.
When I get to talk to Maura, I will ask her to email you. She was my best student! She is going to love you so much and you are going to love her. She is one of my special people. Don´t know why, but that´s how it always works. She´s such a special woman
Also, I think I want to go to church in Parque das Bandeiras. When I go there, I feel like I am coming home...well my Brazilian home...
Mom:This is all about YOU my dear.
Show me anything you want.
I love to be guided.

Karynne: Don't plan to come to Santos. It would be better for me to come to São Paulo to get you, because you kinda don't speak Portuguese. OH WAIT! There are so many sisters leaving that same day. I´ll just go to the airport with them to meet up with my favorite companion!

Mom: Should I rent a car? Or is public transportation the way to go?
Karynne: Waaahahah! Rent a car IF YOU WANT to DIE!
Mom: So i'm not clear...get a car or don't get a car? Bad roads or crazy drivers?
Karynne: CRAZY DRIVERS! ...Actually you drive in Boston, so you´re probably good.

After I leave the email today, I will continue area hopping, possibly until the end of my mission... so it´s hard for me to communicate. I will do my best! But for technical´s best to ask Elder Maughan. I give him so much work. Poor kid.
Talk to Elder Maughan about my flight too so you can get a ticket on the same one. 
Sister Vergara completed on e year on her mission.
I made her cookies that say 1 ANO.
They are a sad excuse for cookies.
They never come out the same, but she loved them.
P.S. I was dying there in the office the other day while he was talking to you about the packages...well not dying, but I had to resist really hard not to scream "I LOVE YOU BABE!"

I can't believe Sarah is not coming! We will have to Skype her on her BIRTHDAY!!!

Give my Love to EVERYONE!
~Your Little Missionary

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