29 November 2014

We have a huge responsibility to love everyone and to give all that we have to help those we find in our path and that we seek out


     I hope you are well! I guess you were probably really busy, working somewhere without internet or fighting off a pack of wolverines with your bow hunting skills. I´ll just have to take extra time to read your report next week.
     My solo is getting much easier! I can almost breathe normally as I approach the microphone and start to sing. The other missionaries say it´s getting better. Some of the members who watched the last presentation said they didn´t even note an accent!" Wahahah! The dress that a Sister gave me to use for the presentation makes me look like Mrs. Clause. That´s okay. It adds to the Christmas spirit, right? Speaking of CHristmas Spirit, have you heard of  "He is the Gift"? It´s a Christmas thing to spread the good word. Just go to Here you can learn more about Christmas, watch a Christmas video, share what you learn and talk to the missionaries. I don´t actually know that much about it, but you should check it out! I think in our zone meeting we will learn more about it.
Mrs. Clause (Lol! Karynne doesn't know that we
actually have pictures of the dress she mentioned;)
     I LOVE YOU!!! You are so amazing and I`m going to start a program to help the members take care of recent converts the way they should. It´s called "be more like Sister Arthur´s mom, so that the new members  won´t want to cry when they go through hard times"....okay. Maybe it´s not exactly like that, but I wish more people had a heart like yours. I think it´s a lack of understanding of the doctrine of Charity. We shall teach them charity, because "charity never faileth!" I think it´s so cool that that´s the Relief Society motto. It´s perfect. Really, as women, we have a huge responsibility to love everyone and to give all that we have to help those we find in our path and that we seek out. I love the part of "As Sisters in Zion" that says "the errand of angels is given to women." How amazing is that? Look at how much Heavenly Father trusts in us. Yes, we all have to be like Christ, but we have an amazing natural ability to love and to care and to lift up the heads that hang down. How great it is to be a woman! Here in the mission, we don´t participate as actively in Relief Society as we would at home, because we participate in everything, but I`m so proud to be a part of this amazing organization, and I hope we as members of the church can always help each other find these opportunities to serve! It is only when we lose ourselves in the work that we discover who we really are.
     So, I may have mixed up the message from Sister Cabral... the word for repent is very close to the word learn in Portuguese. Oh well, both are valid, but this way makes more sense, because you haven´t truly repented if you don´t change.
Learn + Change + Go Forward with Faith in Christ!
Okay. I hope you have an amazing week and put this in practice! Don´t think of it as a burn. Everyone needs to repent daily. It´s just part of life.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Your LIttle Missionary.

P.S. Happy almost Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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