29 November 2014

We had four turkeys!

Lots of food...but I didn't see pics of Karynne
anywhere for a while...
...until I saw the kitchen crew!
There she was serving her fellow missionaries by putting
on an American Thanksgiving for them.

Our Thanksgiving feast was very fun! We had four turkeys! Only two of them had stuffing, because it was arranged by a Brazilian.... but I would have died without stuffing, so I made it. I didn´t have most of the things in the recipe, so I improvised a lot, but I think it came out well, because I just knew in my heart that even if rosemary wasn't in the list of ingredients, it just had to be included in the stuffing. Haha. It was very fun trying to figure it all out.  The gravy was interesting too, because the turkey didn´t have any strange. Carol said that´s because the turkeys here are much leaner. Whatever the reasno, I made chicken gravy, but everyone was just so happy that there was gravy that it was gone in a flash. Should have made more. And more stuffing. Oh well, all that matters is that we had a great time. 
Custom made stuffing. No idea what's supposed to be in it.
Watermelon?'s summer here.
...but I knew it had to have Rosemary.
     I asked Sister Cabral why she wanted us there at 10:30 if we were only going to start eating at noon. She said "I don´t know. What is it that you do on Thanksgiving before you eat?" The answer. Nothing! You cook and then you eat. Then you die a little, but you manage to resucetate enough to eat some more and then you laugh at the superbowl commericals and laugh with your cousins and play pranks on your uncle who only just managed to make it to the couch before sleeping ( you know, the one from Portugal... ;) and then you eat some more and play some games until everyone eventually goes home. She was like "Really? You don´t do a big FHE or anything like that?" Well, maybe we will now, but I don´t think anyone ever thought of that before. Haha. So, to have some good entertainment I showed them the Christmas eve game that my grandmother plays with us every Christmas eve. It was such a blast!!! It´s just a pity that the surprise didn´t make it to the end of the game intact.....

2nd Thanksgiving together....
Last year we were in the MTC together!


The Christmas Eve game...played at Grammy's house every year
The lady in charge

The winner...accidentally ripped the prize
What R U looking at?
I'm taking the pictures here.

Clean up crew

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