10 November 2014

When you are seeking to invite the Spirit, you can overcome any differences that you may have.

Chicken Cor Don Bleu (An Arthur family favorite)
Lunch with the missionaries from Embare'
My companion got transferred to Casqueiro and now I have another Argentinian companion. I don´t yet know how to spell her name, because we haven´t made the switch yet, but I am staying in Embaré! I never thought I'd be excited to stay in a city, but we have so much to continue that I couldn't bear to see it all fall apart if everyone got transferred, but seeing as we are getting all the members involved, that wouldn't happen anyways. Our English classes are going to sing in the Christmas sacrament meeting! We´re going to sing "Joy to the World" Sadly, no one knew hardly any of the Christmas hymns. They said it´s not a big thing in Brazil to sing at Christmas time. HOW SAD! I said "That´s okay. We can change that." They seemed to be happy with that response.

Luiz, one of Elder Stokes English students, got baptized Saturday. He said "I don´t want many people at my baptism." My companion was absolutely not okay with that, so she told every member we came into contact with. The turnout was alright and Luiz was very happy with the warm welcome to the ward. 
Sunday he showed up in a suit and everyone was like "Are you sure this is the same man that was baptized yesterday?" It seems like he´s a lifelong member. Some people just come prepared. He is the one who said he wasn't actually looking for an English class, but an opportunity to get to know the church. He introduced himself to the missionaries. On his baptism day, he gave each of us a keychain so that we will never forget him. We had just told him about transfers, but I can promise you that none of us will need a keychain to remember Luiz. He's just that amazing.

Last week, Sister Tabraj and I gave a training on how to invite the Spirit when you teach and I think we learned more than anyone present and it helped us to have a more enjoyable last week together. Really, when you are seeking to invite the Spirit, you can overcome any differences that you may have. It´s still not easy, but I know that the Lord is on our side.

This Sunday will be our first Christmas presentation! Gulp. It´s gonna be great!

Have a great week! Oh my gosh. Thanksgiving hasn't even happened and doesn't even happen here, so they just go straight to Christmas at the end of October. No lie. It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,....except for the palm trees and the heat waves that can be seen rising off the sidewalk.... but there´s red and green and sparkles.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Sister Arthur

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