03 November 2014

Can't we all find Something to be happy about?

       This week was very hard companion-wise. After sharing the experience that I wrote in the blog letter last week with Sister Cabral in an email, she said And I love you so much! You are the perfect companion to Sister Xxxxx! Your faith and work will change her life forever! She needs you more than you can imagine! 
With President Cabral
Sometimes it is really hard to be her companion. I don´t get why she is always mad when people haven't done anything to offend her or why she gets mad at people for misunderstanding her, but never studies Portuguese or how every little thing bothers her and it seems like she´s never happy. Sometimes I think about praying to ask if Heavenly Father will transfer her next week, but then I worry that she will have another companion like the ones she´s had in the past who didn´t have any patience with her and didn´t care how she was feeling, but just worried that she was messing up what they wanted to be doing. It is hard that she doesn't run at my speed yet (she needs to sit down and take a break every once in a while and she can´t eat and run because she gets sick and the heat makes her go slower and her feet are always killing her.) but I see how hard she tries to do more every day. One day last week, we got home late and I was so mad at her, because she refused to run, but I didn´t say anything, because I´m not a yeller. The next day she apologized and told me how much her feet had been hurting her. She apologized for being so rude when I told her that she should be happy because she is representing Jesus Christ. She apologized and told me that she knows that sometimes she´s hard to work with. I know she wants to be better and I hope that my example and teaching can help her.
      Every day in my personal study, I look for things to share with her that can help her to progress and develop into the missionary she wants to be. She hasn't had an easy life and I am so impressed with where she is today. I have never had a companion as difficult as her, but I know this is helping me to grow as well. I developed a lot of patience in my first area and now I am learning to extend it. I am learning to be more sensitive to what she needs and what makes her unhappy. I'm also trying (and generally failing) to give constructive criticism in a way that it doesn't offend her, but helps her to see that I'm concerned with her well-being and want to help her to grow.

I wanted to send a picture of zone french toast and blister surgery and planning (all separate) but my new camera card is a major hater. I tried to buy the one that isn't a micro SD that fits into an adapter, because I know that the adapter only works for a little while, but apparently they don't make regular SD cards any more. I knew it wasn't the same, but I bought it anyways. So now I have pictures, but it´s seemingly impossible to do anything with them. How joyful. Oh well, at least I can take pictures again (& Mumma will probably insert some from the Mission page for you.)

Your Little Missionary

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