28 July 2014

Music to Lift Our Spirits July 28, 2014

Bruno is so Awesome!
This week was full of so many interesting things I don´t even know where to start! I´m just gonna make a list like I always do.

BRUNO was baptised and confirmed this week! I already wrote about how absolutely awesome he is. I am so excited for him!

ADALBERTO is an investigator with cancer. He has a very extensive knowledge of the Bible, because he was bothered by the variation in religions. He says there are so many people that make churches that don´t follow the Bible at all, so before starting his own church he wanted to be sure that it followed the Bible exactly. His sister is an inactive memeber of the church whom we started to visit and that is how we met him. He was very happy when we said we wanted to
talk to him about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he loves the Book of Mormon. He said people give him garbage abour reading the Book of Mormon, but he just tells them that it´s more direct and correct than the Bible. Just in case anyone is in doubt about whether or not we believe in the Bible, yes,We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. We also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. 
     Last night we had a lesson with this family and a member of the ward. The member was helping them to understand the Holy Spirit and asked Adalberto what happens when the missionaries leave. He said "There is an emptiness." Samuel then asked why that is, to which Adalberto responded "because the Holy Spirit, which accompanies them also leaves." I wasn´t always sure that Adalberto was understanding everything we´ve been teaching. Sometimes he is well, but sometimes the medicine has a big effect on him and he doesn´t talk much. 
     He is such an amazing man, and a fighter. He never complains, even when you can see that he is in pain. When he prays, he just thanks Heavenly Father for the blessings he has. His whole family looks to him as an example of optimism and faith.

PROTECTION Sister Medrano and I were walking yesterday and at some point I started to feel that something was very wrong. I didn´t know if it was just me, so I kept going a little and we knocked on a door. As we were waiting for someone to answer, the feeling got stronger and stronger. I looked at sister Medrano and the look on her face told me that she was feeling it too. I mouthed "let´s go." and she readily agreed and we got out of there fast. We don´t know why we felt that, and for that we´re glad. One of the roles of the Spirit is to warn us of danger. It was almost time to go home, but we didn´t want to go home early. After saying a prayer to ask what we should do, we knew that the Lord wouldn´t be upset with us for returning home in this moment. When we got to our apartment, we thanked Heavenly Father for protecting us and listened to some uplifting music (my mom´s a miracle worker!) to lift our spirits. I know that when we are obedient to the Lord´s commandments, He blesses us with His Spirit to guide us in all things. I am so greatful for this in my life. 
The Santos Mission is one year old!
Can you find Karynne?


Sister Arthur

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