15 July 2014

I promise it will blow your mind July 14, 2014

Apartment Sisters
     There is, without exception, always something going on in the mission. This week, our ward is dividing. Our area just got reduced to two neighborhoods and we are no longer sharing with elders. It was a pretty cool Sunday. Instead of having Sunday school, the stake leaders called everyone into the chapel to make the announcement. Now we have only two young women who can teach lessons with us, but it´s all good, because all of the members are pretty good about helping us.
     Other awesome announcement: An apostle is coming to visit our mission in August, which is almost here! We have been  asked to read the entire Book of Mormon (in Portuguese) in 41 days in preparation, but today we got an email that said actually they want it done in 30 days, so we have to increase our reading from 16 pages a day to about 21 pages per day. OH MY GOODESS! I´ve already been getting up a half hour early to give me more time to read. Maybe that will have to change too. We´ll see. If the apostle finds a mission of sleep-deprived missionaries, at least he will know we are obedient! I´m praying a lot for the strength to do this, and I know that "the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men, save he first shall prepare a way for them, that they may accomplish the thing which He hath commanded!" 1 Nefi 3:7. I use this scripture a lot for motivation. 
      I hope everyone is well! I wanted to send more pictures, but it´s more complicated each time I come. I don´t understand. I just say "don´t worry about it." and keep on writing. Oh ya! I have been reading the Book of Mormon very very fast and even thought I´ve already read it a bunch of times, it still blows my mind every day! SOOOO much awesomeness! If you haven´t read it really fast yet, I recomment it. Not to study in depth, just for the experience. I promise it will blow your mind if you always start and end with a prayer.

Sister Arthur
Conferência da Missão. UM ANO!

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