07 July 2014

Some People Are Born Prepared July 7, 2014

So...This is how we train...I don't know
about those other missionaries...

MY MOM IS TURNING 30 TODAY! Okay, maybe not 30, becuase that would just be strange... I´m 20, but it´s her birthday! SO BE EXTRA NICE TO HER! She is a wonderful woman.
     Our friend Bruno is the coolest ever! He writes movies and sings and lots of other cool stuff! When one of his movies comes out, I will buy it for everyone. He is excited to get baptised soon! He is so smart and reads everything and sometimes we start teaching him something and he´s like "Oh, ya I already read about that." Then we´re like Oh, that´s cool. Will you live it?" And he´s like "I already do." Some people are born prepared.
My last district
     This week our furniture came! Everyone has desks to study at now! So we decided we would put it all together, since we were stuck inside because of the game all day. I was very dilligent in reading the instructions but had to make some moderations, because the pieces were different than in the instructions. I tried to call the office to tell them htat the stuff had arrived, but they didn´t answer, and we just went to work. The next day the elder calleda dn told us he was sending someeon to put it all together, and I was like great, but we alredy did the desks. He was horrified. I have to go! But the desks are fine in case you were wondering!.

Sister Arthur

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