02 July 2014

Music Makes a Huge Difference!

I don´t know if I start off every letter this way, but I can´t believe it´s been a week already. I feel like everything just decided to happen at once. We were going along, doing our work like always, and things just started to fall into place. We are finding people who have really been prepared and we are having a great time doing it.
     Music makes a huge difference! All my music was in the wrong format and this week someone put it into the right format and we listen to music when we are getting ready in the morning and it´s awesome!
     Transfer went out today! I am staying here with my Medraninha! We are going to work like it´s our calling! Oh my goodness I am so excited and also glad that we don´t have to say goodbye to all these amazing people quite yet...
Random sidenote....the strangest things happen in the LANhouse. Today a lady is singing who knows what and maybe she´s also talking to someone, but there´s no telling if it´s someone in the computer....also a few weeks ago, this guy was making a sound I´ve never heard before. It sounded like maybe he had phlegm in his throat, but he had no idea how he should go about clearing it up....I don´t know. I just don´t ask and keep on writing to the people I love!
     There´s this really cool guy named Bruno who we´ve started teaching. He was worried his parents would be mad if they knew he was meeting with us, but decided to talk to them about it. His mom said. Oh, that´s cool. Did you know your cousin is a member of that church too? That pretty much blew his mind and he is very happy now. He asked if we have the name Bruno in the US.
ELDER ALVES! I was like "Elder, I know this is
strange, but can I take a picture of your tag?
My mission is going to have a birthday this month! Also, my country...and no one will be celebrating...except me and the other Americans. The cool thing is that it´s the day of a Brazil game of the world cup, so we have to stay home after lunch. We´re totally gonna do something American and then when Brazil wins the game, they´re going to light off fireworks to celebrate the independence of the United States of America! It´s pretty cool how they are so patriotic for us. 
I hope everyone is having a great week!
HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!

Sister Arthur

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