07 August 2014

Blessings Promised August 4, 2014

We lost power...just us, so we bought some candles
and continued with our studies and planning.
Sister Cabral, não tive tempo para escrever nas duas linguas, mas isso é de Sister Medrano e eu.


All the Other People Who Will Read This, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! AND SO LOVED!

This week we received a phone call from our district leader who informed us that President Cabral challenged our zone to baptise one more person before the end of the month (the following day). This was at 6 pm. He said, we were the only ones who had someone ready, so we ran to the bishop´s house to ask for his help. He offered anything we needed and we tried to call her to challenge her to be baptised the next day, but she didn´t answer, so we ran to our ward mission leader´s house where we called again and she answered and accepted and her mom approved and we organized it all then and there and had a baptism the next day. We have been working with her since I got here (3 months ago) and she was finally ready! 
Batismo de Leticia
     Our mission president told us that if we completed this challenge, we would see many miracles before the end of the transfer. Are you ready?
     The next day the elders called to tell us that a woman stopped them in the street and asked them to go teach a lesson in her house. They went and asked her to pray to ask if what they had taught was true. She said "I don´t need to ask. I already know, because before I ran into you two I had asked God to show me which church was true. I saw you and I already knew." She is getting baptised on Sunday and the missionaries in other areas (including myself and SIster Medrano) are teaching her adult children and grandchildren who have also accepted the gospel.
      We turned the corner and stopped to talk with Bruno who was baptised last week. He has been looking for a good doctor for a long time and some members of the church helped him find someone who will be able to help. While we were talking, someone put their hands over my eyes and I had absolutely no idea who it was.
     I turned around to see Salome! Salome is an amazing woman who is returning to activity in the church. We had been visiting her and loving her and her family and then she disappeared. Her family said she was spending every night at the hospital in Santos with her father who was very sick. She told us that he´d left the hospital and she´d gotten all the cards and notes we´d been leaving for her and she´d be inviting us over soon. He was in the hospital for a month and had just been sent home.
      We went with the elders to teach the family of the woman who´d stopped them in the street. They said they´d prayed about the message and knew it was true. They accepted baptism, but need to get married to be worthy to be baptised. They were already planning to be married next year, but are praying to know if they should be married this month. They have a beautiful family.
It´s only been four days.... that´s all I have to say about that.

Sister Medrano is now fully trained! What does that mean? We have another hour each day to work in the Lord´s Vineyeard.

I have been gone for nine months! I bet you didn´t even realize it´s been so long. I sure didn´t.
(Happy 9 Months)
What? This is pretty much impossible.
I don´t believe it one bit.
I thought by 9 months I would already be a good missionary,
but I just do my best to improve every day.
I leave the rest in the Lord's hands.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. There are hard days, there are happy days, there are days that you just don´t know what to think, but they´re all good days, because we are in the service of the Lord and I know He is protecting my loved ones at home.


Have an amazing week and don´t forget that true faith works miracles, but "faith without works is dead in itself (James 2:17)"

Sister Arthur

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