30 June 2014

Preserve the's just laying there in the forest...
like litter...I don´t think it was helping anyone preserve

Dear People Whom I LOVE!     June 23, 2014 
     This week I got a piece of a pink envelope with two Harry Potter stamps and one of a wax seal from someone back home.... It was in an envelope from the US postal service that says "We know your mail is important to you, so we apologize for destroying your letter..." I´ve never gotten one of these before, but I wanted whoever sent it to know that I´m not being rude by not writing you back, but the message 
didn´t actually get to me. I´m so sorry. Whoever it was, write me an email and tell me what it said! Please. I am dying to know!
Missionaries of Parque das Bandeiras
in the backwoods of Brazil
     This week we aren´t doing anything cool with our P-day, (preparation day) but we´re going to celestialize our apartment! That means make it more clean and organized than humanly possible! It´s gonna be buckets of fun! Then we have to stay in all night, because it is a Brazil game for the World Cup, so we get to study. I really kind of hated studying most things before the mission (The Scriptures and German excluded), but I really really really really like when we have extra time to study in our day. Who would have thought one hour of personal study, one hour of companionship study, an hour of training and then language study (if we´re lucky) wouldn´t be enough. It´s crazy!
     This week we invited a family to come to church. THey live in the bairro furthest from the chapel and the dad has one of those metal cages on his leg with rods going into his leg, because he had a motorcycle accident where he almost lost his leg. We offered to have someone pick them up (one of the five or so members with a car) and they said they would take the bus if we couldn´t find anyone. We asked the bishop, because he has a hippie bus and there would be plenty of room. Well, on Sunday the bishop went to find him and returned with some other members, but not this family. We asked what happened and he said he couldn´t find them. Then the dad of the family called and asked if someone was coming. We told him he´d already been and didn´t find him. He asked "Is there any way he could return to get us?" We were like. We´ll figure something out and we eneded up sending the bishop during the first hour. He brought them and their whole family loved it!
"It's Pretty, Let's eat it!" ~Elder Woodbury
It's literally this color and it's a root! Sick!
  They have a three year old, Eric and he is hysterical. You wouldn´t believe the things that come out of his mouth. We were at their apartment and Sister Medrano was closing the door of the bathroom and he was just standing in front staring at her, so she asked if everything was okay.
 He said "What are you going to do in there?"
"What are you going to do in the bathroom?"
She was a little confused, because it´s kind of obvious what you do in the bathroom, so she asked if he wanted to use the bathroom first.
"Yes, I want to pee."
She recounted the experience for the Dad, Edgarde and he said "Oh man, I´ve been trying to break this habit of his for so long! He always has to use the bathroom, literally every single time someone else wants to use it. I don´t know what to do."
Bishop's Combi
It´s pretty funny and this kid just talks and talks and talks and every time it´s funny and it´s kind of strange that he uses a pacifier with a full set of teeth and talks like he´s already and adult.
     This email time always goes by so fast! Sorry. I will try to organize my thoughts more next time!

Sister Arthur

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