05 May 2014

What Brings Happiness

Novidades!                   May, 5 2014

     Monday night at 11:00pm, I received a phone call. I had already been sleeping since 9:30 trying to kick the remainder of the sickness out of me. It was the third missed call of the evening. My companion and I are heavy sleepers. The elder on the other end explained to me (many times and very slowly) that I would be transferred to Parque das Bandeiras on Tuesday (in a few hours). When I explained it to my companion who woke up afterwards. I told her I was being transferred to Parque dos Bandidos (Park of the Bandits) instead of Parque das Banderias (Park of the Flags), so logically she thought I was messing with her. Anyways, we got to packing right away and now I have a new home and a new companion! Sister Rueda is way cool! She´s a hard worker and we get along very well. It´s only been a few days, but it´s all good here. This transfer ends in a week, so this is a likely to change again and I´m not unpacking my suitcases until we know for sure. Haha. Life would just be easier that way, but I´ll probably stay here. My companion, on the other hand, has already been here for four months, so she´ll probably be leaving... But who knows? Not I!
Family Home Evening.Members love having FHE with us, but they never
want to give the message or do it on their own. 
Any ideas to help them out?
     Oh funny story. I arrived in the new area after having announced (to our relief) the end of the english course there. When I arrived, the elders in the area said "Oh yay! Another American! You´re gonna help us teach english class!" They didn´t understand when I sat down in the middle of the street and started crying. Just kidding I didn´t do that. It´s cool. We have a curriculum...ish here and so at least we have an idea of where to start and we don´t have to invent everything the night before.
     I'm now famous in my mission for the back-breaking package I just received from my Mother...everyone's like DANG! That's a LOT of LOVE!
     We had an amazing experience visiting a family who had stopped coming to church. When we got there, the son came to the door and told us that the bishop and stake rep were already there. We had an amazingly spiritual lesson with this family. It is a widdow and her two children. The father died young and we all shared the stories of how the gospel has made an impact in our lives. I told them that I have always been a member of the church and I don´t like it when people discredit my faith because of that. They think I only go, because it´s the only thing I´ve ever known. That´s not true. I go, because I know what´s right, because I´ve learned from experience what brings happiness in this life. I know that being a member of this church does not stop the trials from coming. Trials are a part of life, and opportunity to prove ourselves. Being a member of the church makes me stronger. The gospel of Jesus Christ helps me to know who I am no matter what challenges I may face. I am a Daughter of God.

Sister Arthur

P.S. Happy Mothers Day to all of you amazing moms!

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