29 April 2014

Thank Heaven We're Not All Crazy On the Same Day

Big Miracles, Little Miracles, Miracles of all shapes and sizes.

So many awesome things happened this week!

Before we taught about the Word of Wisdom, one of the people we are teaching told us he is quitting smoking! He said "do you want to know the proof that your being here has helped me in this?" He asked his daughter in the time that we were there how much he would have smoked. She said "at least a pack." He´s made such great progress and is down to just 3 or 4 a day.
My English class...Only two weeks left. We're
very excited for it to be over, even though we've
grown to love our students.

Another miracle is that my companion and I weren´t sick at the same time! I think I got sick from bad water or something and she gets migranes that make her delirious sometimes. So one day I was half dead and just trying to stay awake in the lessons, teaching very little. The next day as I got better, she started to get a migrane. We prayed for her all the way home that it wouldn´t get as bad as they sometimes do, and by the time we got there she was headache free, just in time for me to start feeling sick again! Haha. So maybe this doesn´t seem like a miracle, but it really was, because we have so many people to teach and no time to stop. It reminds me of this song my mom likes that says "Thank heaven were´re not all crazy on the same day." Here it´s more like in the same hour, but it´s all good.

Hulk is a puppy of one of the members here.
He is so cute. I want to keep him.
Another miracle? A woman came up to us and asked "what do I do to be a part of your religion?" She had looked in many other churches and gotten fed up with looking. She was trying to do a good thing but not finding the right thing. She told God she had done her part and would wait for Him to tell her which church was right. When she saw us teaching our friend from Nigeria, she was always curious and then determined that she would talk to us. She did. She is so great.

I hope everyone is well. Be strong, because there´s always a way!

Sister Arthur

In Brazil Easter Eggs are HUGE and made of Chocolate
...and filled with more chocolate!

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