22 May 2014

HAPPINESS is a choice. CHOOSE it.
My beutiful Argentinian

Dear Everyone,
     WOW! Guess what?!? I have a new companion! That makes a different companion every two weeks for six weeks! I´m going for a record here. Just kidding. I think Sister Medrano and I will stay together for a while, because I am training her. She is from Argentina and she is literally the cutest thing you ever saw. Sometimes it seems like she´s much younger (she´s 19, so we´re pretty much the same age), but then she starts talking, and you´re like "Oh dang. She knows what she´s talking about." She is such a blessing! She is hard-working, doesn´t complain and is always smiling. She looks up to me for everything, which is kind of scarry. I´m trying to be the best example I can. Most people ask her if she´s 15 or 16, because she has a baby face and speaks softly, but she´s also very insistent, and it´s funny, because sometimes you just don´t expect it.
     We were on the bus and it would be about an hour and fifteen minutes before we got off. The bus kept filling up and people didn´t have a place to sit, so I gave my seat to someone and Sister Medrano held by bag. She asked periodically when I wanted to switch, but I just kept saying "I´m good." She asked again and I responded the same (I don´t like to take up a seat when others are tired and I am perfectly capable of standing). She stood up, gave me my bag, grabbed hold of the bar and said "We´re going to switch." I just sat down...for a minute and then gave the seat to someone else. She didn´t complain. We think alike in a lot of matters.
      We are seeing so many miracles happen! Last night we had exhausted all of our options for people to visit. We´d already taught some people, but it wasn´t time to go home and we had to teach one more lesson before the night was over. People weren´t home or they didn´t want to talk to us or I don´t know, but we weren´t sure exactly how this last lesson was going to happen. We knew it would. We just didn´t know how. We said a prayer asking for direction and the name of a member popped into my head. I said told Sister Medrano that I had thought of Manuel and Betty. Maybe they needed help or had thought of someone we could teach. We started heading there. Like always, we said hi to everyone we passed, but one guy caught our attention and we asked if we could share a message. He was sitting at a table in the division of the road and said sure. He was just killing time. We taught Claudiney about the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and invited him to pray. He said he never thought he could know for sure which church is the church that Jesus Christ established. He is excited to pray and said when he receives an answer, he will be baptised. We´re going to meet with him tonight to see how it went and introduce the Book of Mormon! He´s very cool. Afterwards we still had a few minutes, so we went to see if we could help Manuel and Betty with anything. They weren´t home, so I guess we just had to be heading in the right direction.
The view from our balcony. That´s right. We have a balcony
...2 OF THEM! It´s not really that fancy though.
If you have a 2nd story apartment, you have a balcony
or part of your house is just open. It´s incredibly different here.
     We had a special training just for sisters this Friday. It was very cool and motivating and there was so much fruit and vegetables! It was great! Sister Medrano likes to eat healthy and runs with me every morning. "There can be miracles if you believe." o em português "Milagres sâo reis!"

I hope everyone is having a great week! If you´re not, a lot of people say to think about all the people whose life is harder than yours. I think this is the wrong approach. Think about how much you are loved. Think about the potential you have and the power you have to change your own attitude even if you can´t change someone else`s attitude. Happiness is a chioce. CHOOSE IT!
Sister Allred is an angel I met in my district in the MTC.

My companion of two weeks
Sister Arthur

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