01 March 2014

Teach more than English
Our zone went bowling for P Day last week
(the kind with a big ball and curvy pins)
and it was the first time my companion had ever been!
Probably because it´s really expensive. We had fun though
I tried churros. It had guava paste in the middle,
chocolate on top and was covered in peanuts.
  It was pretty good. Guava and passionfruit are
really big here. Sister Chadwick and I are
trying to figure out why in the world they
don´t eat passionfruit plain. They just use the flavor
to make juice, pudding and lots of other things
that I don´t really know how to describe. But
passionfruit alone is good. I don´t know what´s up
with that. Also, guava is mad good. It took a
little getting used to, but it´s good for sure.
I need to tell you about our English class! Did I already tell you I am an English teacher? You probably know that that´s the last thing I ever wanted to do with my life. Well, it´s what I do two nights a week. It´s rediculously hard, but thankfully I have Sister Chadwick´s help. We have people of all different age levels in our class and with all different levels of knowledge of english. It´s crazy. How do you teach all of them and have everyone learn something? Sister Chadwick is brilliant and figured it out. They can all learn the same thing as long as they practice at their own level. Anyways, on Saturday I started to stop dreading English class. We had a crazy day and arrived late to find our students sitting outside of a locked chapel, but they were still eager to learn, so we went and found a quiet place to have our class. We ended up all sitting on logs that someone had cut up from a fallen tree, and it was the best english class we´ve had yet! There was a new couple there. They´d seen the sign for free english classes and looked up the number for the church online. At the end of class, Sister Chadwick gave a thought about families and how we need to strengthen our families against the trials we all face in the world today. The family is seriously undervalued by society. The husband of this couple started to tear up and asked if he and his family would be welcome in church on Sunday. We told him of course. So, everyone learns a bit more than English and that makes it so worth it!

Remember our African friend? He is so excited to be involved in the church and he says he wants to go to Salt Lake City to watch General Conference live. General Conference is when the prophet, apostles, and other church leaders speak to the church as a whole (and everyone around the world can watch it on the internet,) and it´s absolutely amazing!
I already need new shoes... Wahaha! (Karynne hates shopping.) Lots of walking and sometimes running to make it home by curfew...So much work, glorious, marvelous, celestial work!
There is one member who grows guava, passionfruit, 
sugar cane, pineapple, and a bunch of other stuff that 
I don´t know the name of. There are so many fruits here 
that I´ve never seen or heard of....nor do I know the 
names of...but I eat them anyways!
Mother´s Day is coming up...sort of.... and I get to talk to my family (combined) for an hour! I won 20 minutes of family time by arriving in Brazil! How neat! Oh my goodness. I have already learned so much, and I wish I could tell you all of it and how excited I am about it, but I can´t! There´s just too much, but this week I learned a lot about family and the importance of having an eternal family. It´s really important. There´s a lot of stuff I still don´t get about it, but we´re here to learn, right? If we knew everything it would be too easy! WE AREN´T HERE TO DO THINGS EASY! WE`RE HERE TO DO THINGS RIGHT!

Life is hard, but it´s more worth it if you make the choices that bring lasting, not momentary happiness.

Okay, I hope everyone is well! I love you! BE AMAZING!

Sister Arthur

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