23 February 2014

Sisteres Airline flight crew
Wow! What a crazy week! it´s a bit ridiculous really. So much happened! I don´t know where to start!

My companion planned a bomb activity with our ward! We set it up like an airplane. (Sisteres Airline)...the whole shebang and then there was turbulence and the plane was going to crash and they had to write their final words in one minute! Then we ripped them up and everyone was heartbroken. My companion compared this to what we do when we choose not to read the scriptures, when we choose to ignore the words that prophets gave their lives for. This is what we are doing. They aren´t just there in case we get bored and have nothing better to read. They are there, because God wants us to have them, because He knows what we´re up against in this world and knows how best to help us. 

<3 My Valentines Day was great! I opened presents from my Mom! Thank you! You are the sweetest Mumma ever! When I have my own family (when I add to the awesomeness we already  have), we are going to love to love the way you taught us to love to love! IL OVE YOU!!! HAPPY BELATED VALENTINES DAY!!!

Sister Chadwick and I explained that in the US Valentines Day isn´t just for people you´re in love with, but Brazil has a different day for people who are in love and I think it´s in June... But then Sister Chadwick and Sister Gonzaga had a surprise for Sister Farias and me! They made some Brazilin dessert and  danced around singing to "Can you feel the love tonight!" It was so sweet of them and funny too!

It RAINED finally!!!  And then it rained and rained and rained and we had a blast and we got soaked and we weren´t hot and we ran through the streets laughing and waded through water and were happy! The sun is back, but it´s all good, does rain...sometimes!
Our friends who were baptized!  This week they were confirmed and given the Gift of the Holy Ghost. They are two AMAZING young women! I am so happy for them!

OKAY! That´s all I have time for this week! Stay awesome everyone! I LOVE YOU!

Sister Arthur

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