25 August 2014

I just want to go around filming everyone to be able to hear all their stories!

If there were a competition for most
creative letter, Yevette Crapo wins!

I am so loved by my Exeter Ward family!
I´m just sorry I don´t get to write everyone
as quickly as I´d like
Dear Everyone,
     Wow this week has been incredible with experiences from every end of the spectrum. The first that I would like to share is just plain old funny. Sister Andrade and I were walking at night by the canal when we both felt we needed to go back and talk to a guy we had passed, so we went back and he started asking a bunch of questions. 
     First he asked " Do you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and resurrected in the third day?" Of course! 
     "and do you believe that He spilt His blood so that we can be cleansed from sin?"
     "Hmm. That´s funny. The other Mormons I talked with said they didn´t." 
I think he was confused, but he said that´s good to know, because now he will at least know to tell the people that it´s not true. We talked a lot about what we believe and he told us that we´ve never received the gift of the Holy Ghost, because we´ve never spoken in strange languages and I was like "I´m doing it right now!" He didn´t want to hear it, but he was at least polite. When we had concluded the conversation, I asked if we could say a prayer together and he said
 "Sorry, my pastor doesn´t permit anyone who is not of our faith to put their hands upon my head." I backed up and said
     "No, I´m not going to put my hands on you. I just wanted to offer a prayer." 
He looked a little exasperated. Anyways, we didn´t pray, but It´s all good. We left him with some pamphlets, because he said he wanted to read more, but that his wife would be jealous if we went to teach his family. Sister Andrade and I walked away wondering what the heck just happened.

     We are doing a project called " I am Mormon and I Love Pastel (some kind of fastfood..ish´s like a fried pocked filled with stuff.)"
It´s so cool! We are using the ideas of the I am Mormon videos found of Our members are making their own and we missionaries are going around helping those who don´t have the means or know-how to make a video. 
Irmã Guarino!
    We started last night with Sister Guarino. We asked her why she is Mormon. She then proceeded to tell us the story of her conversion and how the church truly brought her family together, even her husband who never wanted to be baptised. It was such a beautiful story and I love this lady so much! What a trooper! Now I just want to go around filming everyone to be able to hear all their stories! When we finished, we showed her the video and she was so happy! She thanked us and said "Nobody´s ever done something like this for me!" For us it was simple, push a button, but it made such a big difference for her. 
     I told her she needs to write her conversion story, because she is the pioneer of her family. Her grandchildren and great grandchildren will want to hear this story! I just recently got my family´s conversion story from my grandmother! I will share it another day, but it´s so special to see that the seemingly small efforts of those who are dedicated to the service of the Lord really make a big difference in the lives of more than just that one person.

Really Big Tree
     I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that He died for me, so that I can return to live with Him and with my Heavenly Father after this life. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
     Have a great week! SMILE ALL THE TIME! It´s not just good for you, but when people see that others are happy, they know it is possible!

Sister Arthur

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