12 August 2014

An amazing blessing August 11, 2014

This is a wonderful woman whom we reactivated. She is amazing. She´s the one whos dad left the hospital and she snuck up on us in the street and totally made our day! She made us pillows, so we will always remember her.
     Pretty much everyone already said goodbye when we said transfers were coming. We were like "but we don´t even know who goes and who stays yet...." and they were all "It was nice knowing you..." Well, President is in the habit of having the transfer on Monday instead of Tuesday. Last night I got a call asking "are you at home?" Why would I be at home? It´s 6:30 Sunday night. Obviously I´m trying to be productive. "Are your suitcases packed?" What the heck? "Because you´re leaving tomorrow...early." Oh. "You didn´t know?" No. "Oh." Where am I going? "I can´t tell you. Your zone leader has to tell you." Long story short, The zone leader didn´t even know the transfer yet, so the secretary told me I was being transferred to Ponto da Praia in Santos.
My new companion! Sister Andrade
We look better in real life. This was just a quick shot to
show you who she is.
     On Saturday we went to see Bruno in the hospital after choir practice. Oh my goodness what a trip! We went there and they told us that we couldn´t see him until 3, but his mom had told us it started at 1. Then she said. Just wait until 3, show me your document and then you can go see him. Document? Well, I had mine (my dad already bugged me enough at home that I try to always have something to identify myself with), but Sister Medrano didn´t have any identification, because they told her if she lost the foreigners identification, she´d have a big problem. So, what could we do? Emergency exchange? We decided it would be better to go home 91.5 hours on the bus) and try to work things out after we both had adequate identification. We got home and talked with pretty much every member of the chruch with a car. Finally, we went to Ednaldo´s house and explained the situation. He was like "okay, let´s go." His wife fed us dinner (BONUS) and we headed out! We only got to see him for 20 minutes, because he can only have 2 visitors at a time, but we were all so happy! It literally took all day, but after every appointment we had fell through, we decided he is totally worth it to go back, even if it´s not that long. It seems like the doctors are finally finding a solution to the problem! He´s been sick for 8 years and ususally has such bad pain hat he doesn´t leave the house, so this turning out to be an amazing blessing. We just keep praying every day that the doctors will be able to fix it so he can have a normal life. I hesitate to use the word normal, because he´s way too awesome to be considered normal.
     Yesterday our ward mission leader got released and I got transferred. This morning he knocked on our door at 6:30 to show us a slideshow he made to thank us for the work we did. He´s so cool!
     I hope everyone is having a great week! SMILE! Congratulations to the Stormin´ Mormons in the Spartan race! You guys are awesome! I´m so in next year.

Sister Arthur
Sometimes we get crazy winds in our area
...and I was playing with the camera settings.
We look like zombies for real.

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