15 June 2014

The Hearts That Were Touched   6-9-2014

In response to being asked by her Mom:
"Here's a question for you... (Physical pain, heartache, struggle with language, teaching or things not working out how you hoped.) Am I to believe that you are as "all set" as you portray yourself to be? You probably are, but sometimes I wonder if you only share the positive things so that I won't worry about you."

For you my Dearest Mother,
     Well, if you really want to know, obviously life is hard. We weren´t put here to do easy things. OH MY GOSH! There is an amazing video\part of a talk by Jeffry R. Holland about how if it wasn´t easy for Christ to atone for our sins, we shouldn´t expect that it will be easy for us to follow Him. It´s so good! I will try to find it for you. But it´s so good. Anyways, at the end of the week, in the summary, it´s not the hard things we did to do our work that stick in our minds, but the results. The hearts that were touched, the light that was brought into the lives of these people, the questions that were answered, the Spirit that was felt is what sticks in our mind. It´s so hard to watch how many people feel the Spirit and say they felt nothing. It´s so hard to watch people who say they have a testimony chase after the things of the world and neglect to do the things that their family so desperately needs, so they can be stronger, so they can be sealed as a family, but I don´t like to write about those things, because maybe one day they will just realize what they neeed to do. Maybe one day our prayers will be answered and they will have the courage to change their lives.
     To be completely honest, I don´t have much trouble with Portuguese (except that still no one knows when I´m asking a question)
     Physically I am fine. We run every day (I love Sister Medrano) and I think because we are very obedient we have strength we need to run and not faint. Sometimes I am extra thankful that we run every day, because when it is 9:25 and we have to run all the way home to get there on time, we make it just fine.
     I don´t have anything to complain about.
     I am learning so much and I have a lot to change when I get home! Like my scripture study and I probably should work less and serve more.

I bought more shoes. I thought the other shoes had a defect. Turns  out the shoes weren´t actually different. It was my feet. Crazy feet.

Your Little Missionary
Bishop's Combi
our crazy elders, Woodbury (from Idaho)
 and Macedo (Belem, Brazil).
Guess who´s who!

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