13 May 2012

Vanilla Boat Crew

This week I went to a concert to see my friends play. There are seven people in the band, and six of them are siblings. It's pretty sick, and they're awesome!
They played in a circus tent! I took this picture before we decided to stand directly in front of them.
Anna (cello), Vanja (drums), Parosch (trumpet), Silas (guitar/vocals), Sebastian (guitar), Joy (bass)
Silas sings and plays guitar mostly, but he also plays everything else...except trumpet.
This is Anna. The fact that she took her shoes off makes me like her even more than I already did. You can really tell she loves music when she plays.
 Mosche plays keyboard like a boss!
Of course no evening would be complete without my favorite Dutch girl! I take her everywhere, and she totally amps up the fun. I LOVE HER!
And this guy. He's the one that helped me complete the song I wrote Sissie. He's mad good at guitar!

Basically, my life rocks and that's the way I like it.


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