07 May 2012

Deutschland ist mein Schatz

Here are a few reasons I love Germany. It's mostly unexplainable. I have no idea why I love it so much, but these things make it pretty dang awesome!

Dandelions are my favorite flower, and the color of Germany in spring is dandelion yellow...also canola yellow, but dandelion's nicer.

Canola (rape seed) field. There are so many, and it stinks that I took this on a cloudy day, because when the sun is shining, the whole field is flourescent yellow. From far away, you can't see any green, and it's just a bright patch of land. It's awesome.

This is not a reason I love Germany, but there's a funny story that goes with it. It's called brennessel. It means something that burns. When I went to pet the sheep, I couldn't explain why one of my feet was itching and stinging and burning. At the time I had somehow hurt it, and figured I must have done something to a nerve. Eventually the burning and redness went away. It wasn't until I stepped on one of these two weeks later that I finally realized it was the plant that did it. I asked my friend what it was called, because I remembered the field was full of them. It's rather unpleasant. So, if you ever go barefoot in Germany, watch out for the brennessel.

Random thought:

Ponies may be the most rediculous animal I've ever seen. It's like someone said "I want  a horse, but I want its body to be compressed horizontally and only slightly vertically. Yes, that's good. Now cut off its legs at the knees. Good...ah, yes make it walk funny too please." When he was asked what about the head? he said "No, don't do anythin with the head. Can it still walk with such a big head? Good, then leave it rediculously large. No, on second thought, squish it horizontally just a littel bit. Such a beautiful head doesn't go with the wacked-out body."


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