18 May 2012

"I want to ride my bicycle" -Queen

The biking paths in Germany are ten thousand times better than the roads! They are also better marked. In case you didn't know, I love biking, so I am so grateful that I met someone short to lend me a bike. It's absolutely beautiful. No. It's handsome. I dig it, and it has amazing shocks!

The woods in Germany are full of awesome things!

Like a cave
 and a little stage with wooden characters. There was an explanation plaque, and it said that you can go there to practice for your big role in the cave (There is a giant cave-not the one above- where plays and concerts are held. It's epic, but extremely cold.) or just quaintly live out your passion for acting. Wie suss!

 You also run into the occasional American photographing herself while riding a bike...she's weird, but we like her anyways. I like to get my hands...and face...dirty! Riding through mud is fun. There was a lot more schmutz when I was done.
 There are also cool old farm houses!

And somewhere along the way I managed to find serenity, a piece of paradise amongst the demands that seem to come flying out of nowhere.

When in doubt, ride it out!



  1. If you're quoting Queen, it's "I want to ride my bicycle."

    Don't hear from you much. Miss you. Hope you will be happy when you are at home. Love your photography.

  2. Oh...misquoted...awkward. I'll fix it. Thank you Love Pie! Of course I will be happy at home! And we will probably talk before I come home, but I am always doing something at the moment...except for this one. I just took a long nap to recover from the long night. It was bomb. Today was awesome too, except that I had to say my first goodbyes. I love you silly lady!