01 May 2012

Frankfurt Temple

On Saturday I got to go to the temple in Frankfurt! It was awesome, but a wee bit cramped. It's not like our temple in Boston.

We took a bus! It was packed!
 More of the Hagen YW

 The best flowers are at the temple!
Then we goofed off while we were waiting for the adults to finish up.
 This is the temple president's house. It's pretty aweseome.
 After sweating our tooshies off in the bus on the way back, we enjoyed the convertable. So far, Saturday has been the hottest day I've experienced in Germany. I think it was 86! But it felt WAY hotter.

 Lea's brother wrote our names in the schmutz on the patio before he cleaned it. He spelled mine wrong three times, but it was still sweet.

I think one of my favorite parts of the temple trip was helping to sort out the confusion between a girl from Utah and the temple matron. The girl didn't speak German and hadn't come with our group either, so she didn't want to wait for everyone to finish up. The temple matron wouldn't let her, so I asked her why, and we sorted everything out. It feels so good to finally be able to help someone out rather than being the one that needs help understanding.
Another thing that's cool about being in the temple in Germany is that I learned about being an Au Pair in the Boston temple,and had no idea I would ever be standing in the temple in Germany as an Au Pair. My life is amazing!


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