15 October 2014

2 Meter Tall Woman

Loved Ones,
This probably happens in marriage too....
sometimes you leave the house and
everyone looks at you funny and laughs
and comments on your clothing, asking if
you coordinated. Then  you look at each
other and wonder how you left the house
not knowing you were dressed the same.
This is a mild example, but it happens quite
 often that you´re pretty much twins with your
companion without knowing it. That´s life.

In a meeting with the bishop the bishop asked "Sister will you be singing in the mission´s musical fireside?"
"The lower voice, right?"
"haha. You can already tell?"
[that ward member that says everything he thinks] "Well, you don´t have the voice we´d typically expect from a girl like you. If we just heard your voice, we´d expect it came from a 2 meter tall woman."
That´s cool. 

We are having a really hard time finding people to teach, so we are trying to be really creative with our activities and have more opportunities to visit the church. So many people say "I wanted to visit, but the church is always closed when I walk by." It stinks, but nobody gets paid for their calling. Everyone, even the bishop, is  volunteer, so we as missionaries are trying to give more opportunities for people to stop by when the church isn´t usually open. I hope it works! We are excited to give tours and English class starting this week. The problem generally is that no one in our area actually lives here. We find a lot of people for other missionaries to teach, because everyone from the surrounding cities works in Santos. But we know, when there´s a will, there´s a way, so here we go with our will to find the way!

I am sending all of the pictures that I didn´t get to send last week! This week we went to an unsketchy LANhouse. I guess one thing I won´t miss is having to use public locations to communicate with my family.

Ana´s baptism. She has been going to church for over a year and her
two daughters are already members along with the rest of her family.
She just wasn´t ready yet. Well, the first
 Sunday that I was in
Ala Embaré her daughter talked to the elders who talked to us and
then we went to meet her and she said "my baptism is
 next Sunday."
We said "Oh, cool,what time?" She´s a very cool lady. Very busy.
She has a clothing store and she makes all of the clothing, which is really cool,
because it´s very hard to find modest clothes, so you just make em yourself!

My companion has been on the mission for 9 months
as of 9. Oct! It´s funny making little parties for the people
with less time than me now. We made chocolate covered
strawberries and apples, because it´s totally better than
cake. We discovered that it´s just about time that you
can´t make chocolate covered anything anymore,
because it´s getting too dang hot!
Speaking of too hot, we had to take a little break the
other day, because my companion was overheating,
but thanks to my amazing mom, I had Gatorade powder
on hand and we mixed it up and got on with our day.

The whacky American room for General Conference.
Our real-time English session ended way before
the one with Portuguese translation.....ya.

I have officially embraced my gringo-ness! Not that there was any hiding it...

ILOVE YOU! Have a great week and think of all the reasons you have to be happy!

Sister Arthur

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