21 April 2014

Path leading from the Convent
Burning Desire                      April 21, 2014

Dear Loved Ones,
     The LANhouse man is a miracle worker and managed to save all my pictures and allow me to send pictures again! At least as long as I´m in this area, I can send pictures! Oh yeah! The transfer! I am still in Itanhaém with Sister Farias! I love her, sincerely now. We know we are going to be seperated in the next transfer, because we really like each other now and are excited to work together.
Lysandra's Baptism
     It´s amazing to see people´s curiosity about the church turn into a burning desire to know the truth. We started teaching Leonor last week and she reminded us several times that she already has a church, but she couldn´t help but ask her questions. She wants to know God so well that she will have a burning desire to share what she knows. We told her we can help with that. The first time we talked we talked about the power of prayer, that we can actually talk with our Heavenly Father. The next day we taught her about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she is so excited to know for herself if it is true.
Benedita's Baptism
      I LOVE YOU!!! Keep smiling and you will notice more each day how much you are blessed.
Love, Sister Arthur
Finally ate a chicken foot!
 It was interesting,
 lots of bone and tendon,
 lots of flavor, but no meat.
Well, what do you expect
 from a foot. 
It was overall a good experience.
Making fun of the winter clothes we were told to bring...
winter jacket is not the same thing in Brazil as it is in Massachusetts.

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