16 February 2014

Why doesn't everyone know about IT? 
Why Isn't IT in the Media? Why isn't IT everywhere?

Zone Meeting

Wow! What a week of miracles! Crazy, crazy awesomeness! This week, the two girls we´ve been teaching got baptised! They are very excited, and I have a picture, but I don´t want to put it up without asking them, so hopefully next week you will see. I made american chocolate chip cookies for their baptism (with some variation, because the ingredients are different here) and everyone loved them. They were literally gone in three minutes and a bunch of people asked for the recipe. I was worried they wouldn´t like them, because they´re so different.

Our friend from Africa is still meeting with us and just loving everything we teach him. Oh my gosh! He´s so cool I don´t even know how to explain it. We were discussing the Book of Mormon the other day and he said "I just don´t understand. If all the answers are here, why doesn´t everyone know about it? Why isn´t it in the media? Why isn´t it everywhere? Why are there so few Mormons?" So, he´s starting to get it! I explained to him that that´s why we´re here, because so many people have questions that have gone unanswered for years, like his and we know where they can find the answers!

I sent this picture of a peach, because
even the fruit that is the same is just not
quite the same. I don't know if you can
tell, but it has a...tail? Haha.
I just find this interesting!
An old convent that I and whichever other sister feels
she can make it, run to in the morning.
It's AWESOME! It sits on top of a big hill and has a
steep cobblestone pathway, so if the other missionary
doesn't think she can make it, I just run up and down the
first half of the pathway until it's time to go back home.
I love running in the morning, because our apartment
likes to keep the heat and it's much cooler outside
than inside, plus, who doesn't like to run?
Haha! LOTS of people I know...all three sisters included.
Also, It´s much harder to send letters from here (it includes a long...long...P day consuming wait in line at the post office....), so I really appreciate everyone´s letters, and I will try to respond, but it may take a long time. I LOVE YOU ALL! GOD BLESS!

Sister Arthur

P.S. If you are going on a mission to Brazil and people tell you you will be able to wear sandals, don´t believe it unless your mission president specifically says it´s okay. At least in my mission, it´s not okay, because your feet get dirty and you could get...I don´t even know...some kind of nasty parasite or sickness. How´s that for motivation to wear shoes?!?! Haha. It´s all good. Staying healthy here.

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