22 September 2014

It's not really like teaching English class, it´s more like playing and making a fool of myself and having a lot of laughs.

Thank You Again to all of those who sent me Birthday Wishes! You made my day!

On my Birthday:
This is the after photo from last week's hair incident and a happy
birthday from Sister Andrade! It almost looks cute in this photo,
but don´t let that deceive you. It´s quite terrible, but
"because I have been given much, I too must give."

Haha. I've still never had mine cut in a salon
...companion, ward member, mother, cousin, aunt.... 
oh, Shannon cut it once in the Wal-Mart salon. I guess that counts.
Some members took us to a restaurant for
 lunch. Sometimes life in Santos is very hard.
 Wait, just kidding. This was sooooo good!
 The steak was perfect! Thick, juicy, pink
 in the middle, a little bloody and incredibly
 tender. I don´t know if I've ever eaten pork
 loin before, but if I did, I don´t remember,
 because it was nothing like this. SO GOOD!
Brother Moraes, ward mission leader, surprised me with a cake after English class! All of my students were like "Why didn't you tell us it was your birthday?" The next day one of the students gave me a fancy mug full of super fancy truffles! It was pretty awesome! The guy in the red shirt worked construction in Framingham, and I was like "You probably met my mom! or my aunt! or my uncle!" haha. Our English class is sooo cool! We've really gotten away from teaching normally and moved to doing as much application as possible. I taught them how to say hard th and soft th last week. I think they felt a little more comfortable practicing in front of me when I told them how I got to make the German r sound by practicing my list of r words and making horribly disgusting sounds until it came out right. I gave them a list of words for each sound and pretty much all of them can already do it! I´m glad I didn´t tell them it took me four years to be able to say it right in German. They are so cool and I´m so bummed to be leaving them to another teacher. It´s weird to say, but it's not really like teaching English class. It´s more like playing and making a fool of myself and having a lot of laughs and small insignificant misunderstandings that lead to more laughs.

I am in a new area! It´s called Embare and it´s the neighboring area to my old area. Guess what ? I am living together with Sister Sweet and SIster Medrano again! My companion is Sister Trabaj. I will send you a picture next week. Sister Sweet is gigantic and the rest of us are shorties! It´ll be funny!

Share your light!
Love, Sister Arthur
Marina's Baptism. She's so awesome!

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