30 December 2013

Christmas on a mission...

Christmas is a lot different in the mission field. I got to talk to my parents and sister, and that was AMAZING!!! I LOVE MY FAMILY SO MUCH! We ate meals with some members and got to take part in their Christmas traditions. At one house I saw a trumpet...yup. That got played. Sister Brown kept asking me to play another song, and I was like "well if you insist." Haha. I love to play the trumpet, and I'm glad that it made her happy to hear it played. She is going to miss when all of her instrument playing children have families of their own. 

Cinnamon rolls for Christmas Breakfast...just like at home:)
When we weren't with members or meeting the people we're teaching, we were caroling with our district. We did so much caroling, and it was so great! The Spanish caroling was more or less an epic fail, but the people said they appreciated it. Santa gave us candy canes to hand out to the children, and most people said they had never been caroled to before. I think it's a great Christmas tradition that's kinda dying. I wish I had a picture! I do have this awkward one of Sister Haupeakui and I next to a giant over-decorated Christmas tree though! We had a great Christmas breakfast, just the two of us with all the stuff ward members gave us! We really got to reflect on the CHRIST part of Christmas, since we had fewer distractions. When we went around teaching that whole week, we mostly taught about the importance of Christ and what Christmas is really about.

A member took us to the Gray's Lodge (a bird sanctuary) last p-day, and it was wicked cool. Some elders brought lassos. That was fun! You'd be just walking along, minding your own business and then you'd be getting pulled in the other direction! And then sometimes everyone would gang up on you and you'd just be done for. I love my district. They're pretty cool!
Triple Lasso'd 

I want to thank everyone from home who made my Christmas amazing by sending their love!

Have a fantastic week!

Sister Arthur

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